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A New independent Project, IF His Will/Wish Permit…

The first response to the ad, from USA

Jay Baba and thanks Him for this….came from webmaster of, this morning, a reply, the first one, to my ad there, regarding the MOBILE MASS MEDIA project in Meherabad.

“Name: Scott
Subject: Who has enough TIME/LOVE for this ‘dream’ to come TRUE?Date: 06/27/2006Message: Jai Baba from USA! I love your ideas of creating some kind of inter-active blog/show from Baba’s samadhi. I think we already have all the necesary tools. Perhaps Baba will assist with the finances when the time is right? Have you seen the new GarageBand program for Mac? it could be helpful to you: garageband/ InHis Love, Scott”

and in response to him, i wrote:

“….Yes, when ‘the time is right’ (which is soon) Babaji himself will provide everything….. we need AS MUCH AS MORAAL SUPPORT at this stage, ‘gross energy= cash’ will come, if this ’emotional/moral energy’ is sufficient enough….”

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Baba is The Witness now = ‘unity of all life’

Jay Jay Baba…. speaking about the ‘separateness of ego’ and ‘unity of all life’ in the previous posts, just typed the following from an old magazine, The Avatar, Vol.2, July 5th, 1983, No.21….. Also, working simultaneously on my idea of having a new ‘mass media service’, these words of Baba gives us direction AND encouragement…. enjoy……

“On the path, the most important condition of discipleship is readiness to work for the spiritual cause of bringing humanity closer and closer to the realization of God.…. I have full confidence that you will, not only inherit it for yourselves the Truth which I bring, but also become enthusiastic and violent torch-bearers for humanity, which is enveloped in deep ignorance. Because of its supreme importance for the true and final well-being of humanity, spiritual work has a natural and imperative calim on all who love humanity…… The whole world is firmly established in the false idea of separeteness, and being caught up in illusion of duality; it is subject to all the complexities of duality, the spiritual worker have to redeem the world from the throes of imagined duality, by bringing home to it the truth of the unity of all life.”

Avatar Meher Baba KI JAY………..

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The ‘witness’ = J.W.Von Goethe came from the UNSEEN!!

Jay Baba….. it seems that things are going well in some ‘unseen’ levels…. this morning among my mails were 2, which i will use them as 2 posts here….. Some words from Goethe, which i feel it had already applied to my past and WILL apply to my present situation, regarding the new Baba-project…. i share it with you, for your OWN ‘projects’!!….
“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.
A whole stream of events issues from the decisions,
raising in one’s favor, all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.
Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
” Begin it now.

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

may be that is why i already ‘begun’ the project, in some ways, at least!

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Ego = separate-self vs. Love = The Self

Jay Baba…. we have this kind of ‘net-cussion’ (discusion on the net!) with a dear brother and his today’s email was very interesting and has key points to ponder upon…. it is ‘oven-fresh’ and revealing….. enjoy (the emphasis is mine!)

“….Love overcomes separateness / duality if it’s pure-perfect.
….What is this ‘individual self’ ? It is a false perception, a mere imagination or dream. Not real !!
As Baba says, the individual self…the perception of separate individuality, must be abandoned.
It is our attachment to the ‘separate self’ that stops us realizing that we are The Self, The Infinite Oneness.

…. God is not ‘somebody’ to please…..some sort of ultimate father-figure or authority-figure. God is a level of conciousness / awareness where one becomes aware that one is ALL, both formed and beyond form.

I’m not negating anything as long as it’s percieved as being part of The Oneness / ALL, rather than as a separate bit. The celebration is a celebration of The Indivisible Oneness / ALL that lies within each one of us……..Kabir’s Pearl that we must dive deep within to find and firmly grasp. If we make the required effort-sacrifice to do this then Baba-God will surely help us, but we are not doing it to ‘please Him’. We are merely returning to the home / bliss we once enjoyed, and then lost.

You can only fear or desire a person or God if you feel separate to them. The greater your fear or desire, the greater your feeling of separation (Baba talks about this), but it is the stupid
separative ego that fears and desires
. If we can just totally let go of our fears and desires, then the resulting feeling of separateness also goes. Separateness does not exist, it is just a conception or perception of the stupid separative ego-mind / body-senses.

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Valley of The Saints…

HuuuuuBabaHuuuuuu…. good news of loving ON THE WAY….. i am working on them to MAKE THEM! what to do? it seems that this blog is a ‘one man show’, BUT it does not satisfy me and i am after making others INVOLVED! Sorry i cannot ‘announce’ it now, since it is being ‘cooked’ in a ‘slow cooker’ to keep the nutritious AND the flavor….if this ‘meal’ is as delicious as my usual cooking, then it IS a GOOD news of loving, indeed! for now i just post a few pictures which i took with my mobile phone, making up for so much ‘text’…..

Shivani and her brother Raju, with their ‘poor toy’! They play so affectionaly and sometime SO ‘roughly’ with the kitten that i feel sorry for it sometime. Yet they feed it and kiss it and give their various emotions to the ‘living toy’!

Below are sister Raju and her children, familiar faces for Baba-lovers in Delhi. They live with the family in Baba-Center and maintain and protect the property. i spend sometimes in the evenings with them and the whole family love me very much, i feel.

This one i received yesterday from dear brother Darryl Smith, USA. We went last year, (November?) with a lovely group of us, to see the Alora caves and the Valley of The Saints…..First in the small size in gmail, i saw only the old structure and the land. Today after he asked me if i liked the photo, i saw it in a bigger scale and saw that ‘dot’, sitting on the Holy Land, waving to them…..

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A Mission Possible, technically and emotionally!

Jay Babaji…. today earlier i came to go back earlier! Tony Griss is in town and we will have an ‘extra satsang’ in Meher Prasad, to listen to his stories on Baba and the Mandalis…. see what i got from a brother regarding the technical aspect of my FUTURE DREAM! Hope to get more responses on VARIOUS aspect of this ‘Mission Possible’…… i feel the EMOTIONAL aspect (the HEART part of it to say YES to it!) is much more important than the technical side (the 100 kbps we have at Arangaon is enough for the time being)….more on this later….

“……I think you’re confused about the tech stuff.
You could have a Cray Supercomputer on The Hill but you still
couldn’t connect to the internet any faster than the local ISP
internet speed. This might be 512Kps on an actual phone line,
but is unlikely to be any more than about 80Kps via their mobile
network. In Thailand, and probably India, you can get a SIM card
that’s designed to go into a computer, rather than a mobile phone.
It lets you connect to the internet anywhere a mobile phone will work.
At about 80Kps it’s much faster than connecting via a mobile phone.
The main Australian ISP is putting in a mobile network that will allow
connections to the internet that are far faster than even cable.
(about 10MBps I think). It will make all other types of connection
seem like a bullock cart. Sooner or later Indian ISP’s will probably
do something similar.”

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Meher Baba’s Message to Youth

… before i post my old ‘dream of future’

(started when i was young in the University, SUNYAB, studying Media, mid-1970),

just post this message, which I feel it is relevant to us, EVEN NOW!

( found it in the Upstairs Hall of Meher Prasad,

typed it from the framed ‘picture/message’ into my gmail account….)

Meher Baba’s Message to Youth

From: The New World Culture

“It is the privilege of youth to be full of energy and hope. Not being caught in any ruts, your dreams of the future have the advantage of being inspired by an unfettered imagination. in the glow of a new-born love or in the warmth of a newly-caught enthusiasm, you are quick to respond to the call for action and self-sacrifice. life would be poorer without these qualities that are predominantly present in youth. but if you are to derive the full benefit of the qualities with which you are abundantly endowed, you must also try to acquire some other qualities which are rare in youth. hope should be fortified by a courage which can accept failure without upset. Enthusiasm should be harnessed by the wisdom that knows how to wait with patience for the fruit of action.

Idealistic dreams about the future should be balanced by a sense of the realities of the present. And the glow of love should allow itself to be illumined by the full exercise of reason. It is easy for youth to be so absorbed in realizing the ideal that it becomes bitter against the present and the past. But it is as well to cultivate a spirit of idealizing the real, while being appreciative of the heritage of the past.

The world as it is may not seem to conform to the pattern which youth adores, but you must never forget that it is always good enough to merit your most loving attention. In your desire to improve the world, do not, by becoming bitter, surrender your right to be happy. Youth loves freedom and therefore has a natural impulse to rebel against all authority. This is well and good, but you should make a real effort to keep free of the many illusions to which youth is particularly susceptible. True self-expressions need not include irreverence for others. True criticism need not involve snobbishness or cynicism. True freedom need not manifest hostility or separateness.

Freedom without responsibility is a doubtful boon. freedom is worth having only where there is self-restraint and willingness to cooperate with others. Youth is always willing to act and take risks. It should be allowed to yield freely to this fearless and imperative urge of life within, But while engaged in action, youth must take every care that it is creative, and not destructive.
Let your watchwords always be LOVE and SERVICE.”

Reprinted by permission of Adi K. Irani–

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A new marrige in Baba’s family=ازدواجی جدید در خانواده ی مهربابا

<!–[if supportFields]> DATE \@ "dd/MM/yyyy" <![endif]–>15/02/2006<!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–> / <!–[if supportFields]> TIME \@ "HH:mm" <![endif]–>00:27<!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–>

peace on lovers…. Today at lunch there was a happy announcement: Monica and Art were engaged, or married! What a happy news. All got excited and congratulated them and we took some pictures. They brought sweets and all were happy. Two weeks ago also Ruhi and Mehdi got married under the tin-shed and we played their favourite music, with tanbur and daff, there. Getting married in Baba’s family is something else and I may write about it later.

سلام بر عاشقان عشق ….. امروز وقت نهار ناگهان ولوله ای درگرفت و همه شاد شدند: کسی اعلام کرد که مونیکا و آرت با هم ازدواج کرده اند…. ما بیرون نشسته بودیم و این زوج عزیز آمدند بیرون و همگی آن ها را در آغوش گرفتیم و بوسیدیم. به آنان گفتم که بدون شیرینی نمی شود و آرت رفت و مقداری شکلات عالی آورد برای همگی…… دو هفته پیش هم شاهد ازدواج ساده ی روحی جان با مهدی جان بودیم در بالای تپه/ از من و سید جان هم دعوت کرده بودند تا در این مراسم خودمانی شرکت کنیم و ما هم برایشان تنبور و دف نواخیتم که خیلی تحت تاثیر قرار گرفتند زیرا آهنگ های مورد علاقه شان را بدون درخواست برایشان می زد سید جان.

ازدواج کردن در خانواده ی بایا عالمی دارد که شاید روزی بیشتر در موردش بنویسم.

Me and Bob actually talked about having a ‘service’ for single Baba-lovers to find their partner in His love and Service. I just may add this to ‘myservices’ blog. Why not? There are many single people in Baba’s family who may not find their ‘right’ partner-for-life, because they do not know each other well enough…. We will see…. No power and I better post this now and will post the pictures of today, if I receive them. Jay Baba<!–[if supportFields]> TIME \@ "HH:mm" <![endif]–> 00:34<!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–>

درواقع هفته ی پیش با برادر باب در این مورد حرف زدیم که جای یک سرویس زوج یابی در خانواده ی بابا خالی است و شاید خودم این رحمت (بله، زحمت نه، بلکه رحمت!) را بر عهده بگیرم تا افرادی را که مایل به یافتن زوج مناسب خودشان در این خانواده ی بشری هستند بتوانند از آن بهره ببرند. بزودی بیشتر به این کار می پردازم که خودم هم ذی نفع هستم و بدم نمیاد زوجی مناسب در خانواده ی بابا پیدا کنم. البته در اینجا و همه جا تمام کارها به دست خود کاپیتان اعظم است ولی بالاخره ما نیز سهمی داریم در انجام وظایف مطابق با خواست مهربابا. بهتر است این را بچسبانم تا برق اظطراری هم تمام نشده…. هووووووووووووووو بابا هوووووووووووووووووووووووو

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Meher-Casting…. the question for the day

Salam = peace

i post this here too, just in case other visitors may not like to visit Baba’s blog. it is a ‘professional/technical question’ which i think belogs here, as well. wish i could learn this iPod business (technique)…. ameen

Who wants to have a Mehr-casting = LoveBroadcast on the net?
i am sure Bob Fredericks  is one, and……

So as they say, ‘If Two persons want something, it can happen’, IT CAN HAPPEN…..
Who wants to make it happen, besides two of us?…. that is the question for the day….

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AUM7/20/05, 8:34 AM, this planet K.

from a letter to professor Yahya Kamalipour ……….,

yet, as a student of Media (M.A.H., form Center for Media Study, SUNYAB, 1979) I like to share some views about the root cause of all these existing “conflicts”! If we up-grade ‘social responsibility’ into Human Responsibility, then in this small “village”, if we love Freedom of Press, as the New York Times reporter has rightly said, “we shall have our own medium.”! Attached I send you some of my ‘emotional/professional’ writings, just after the sept.11th, same year.The more it goes on, the more I see and feel the need to establish a “center” to “broadcast love” , as the MOTHER- emotion. At the present, we usually DO broadcast the “opposite Emotion”, HATE! So we can make a ‘shift’!A very “delicate shift” from hate to love is what we can design and implement. If you see any “reason” and solidity in these writings, please accept them as my offer to establish such a center on this earth, while we are “over” it.(not “under it”!)Still, I am sure that if we “postpone” and do not do it in this life, some other souls will do it, in future. The point is that we need such a “laboratory” to transform the basic emotion of hatred into its opposite, love!If I had enough material resources, I would create such a Media Lab, right here, in this planet K. If you know a ‘source” to support this project professionally AND financially, please let me know. I remember spending my last weeks and last dollars in NYC, spring 1979, on writing a “professional media project”, to create one dedicated INTERNATIONAL Instructional TV station, for “(Real!) Islamic values” (Peace , surrender , brotherhood , justice ……. all these “ideals”!). The project was initially approved by the responsible “brothers” in the Foreign Ministry, in 1979, but later, due to the of Battle for Power, none of these educational/instructional projects were given any chance to flourish. Instead they used the existing facilities for their own way of ‘ideological education’(exploitation!), which has been a sheer failure ever since! I have ideas about making radio/tv programs + live shows, to generate and broadcast positive energies to “balance out” the existing negative forces of terror, violence, lower desires and hatreds. This planet K, which I am living in, now, is an ideal place to start the project and as soon as it is established, it can “move” and be “mobile”!Waiting for your kind comments!Love:Mohsen khatami

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