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Our Sufi Master, Jalaluddin Rumi: Life & works…

By Rumi: a clear heart to the Almighty = آینه ی روشن دل

سلام/ متن زیر اکنون از طریق ایمیل رسید و به انگلیسی ترجمه اش کردم/ صفا کنید.

The following is from Rumi and just found it in my inbox and translated into English. Enjoy….
it may need some editing which i appreciate it!
يوسف مصری را دوستی از سفر رسيده گفت:

“جهت من چه ارمغان آوردی؟”

On arrival from a voyage, Joseph of Egypt was asked by a friend,
”what have you brought for me?’

گفت: “چيست كه تو را نيست و بدان محتاجی؟ از جهت آنكه از تو خوبتر هيچ نيست،
آينه آوردم تا هر لحظه روی خود را در وی مطالعه كنی.”

He said, “What is that you need and you do not have?
Since nothing is better than yourself,
I have brought mirror,
so you can study your face in it, every moment.”

چيست كه حق تعالی را نيست و او را بدان احتياج است؟

What is that the Almighty does not have and needs it?

پيش حق تعالی، دل روشنی میبايد بردن تا در وی خود را ببيند.

One needs to take a clear heart to the Almighty, to see Himself in it.

Molana Rumi, Fihe Mafih

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Divine physicians…Rumi

This full moon is GuruPurnima, the celebration of Perfect Master.
So since we love ALL perfect masters, here i dedicate chapter 18
of our new book in English,
Drunkenly Along The Sufi Path of Love,
along with our 3 introduction,
where we read Osho of Sufism.
Enjoy the coming full moon
and the words of our Beloved masters, Rumi and Osho

Divine physicians

We are wise men, we are physicians,
we come from Baghdad;2
we have delivered many patients from their sorrows.

We have removed cataracts from their eyes;
and the meaningless, endless sufferings
from their roots and veins with grapples.

We are the eloquent physicians – disciples of Christ;
we have taken many dead ones
and breathed spirit into them.3

Ask those who have seen the signs
to tell you how thankful they were for their freedom.

We batter the head of sadness,
we sweep pain out of the home;
we are all witnesses and good people –
we are all like new moons, bringing tidings of the Eid.4

We are divine physicians;
we do not ask wages from anyone,
because we are pure in psyche –
not greedy and dirty.

Do not think that this is a medicine
for diarrhoea or constipation;
we have extracted this famous herbal cure from paradise.5

We are subtle physicians –
we do not take urine samples;
we penetrate aching bodies as thought waves.

Do not open your mouth at all,
since most people are like owls;6
stop bragging that we have flown with the eagle.7

footnotes for ch.18

1) In this, the 18th couplet of the Masnavi, Rumi states that there are two types of people: “raw”, or spiritually undeveloped, and “cooked” – those who are spiritually evolved. Since the former are not capable of understanding the condition of the latter, there is no point in arguing, and the best approach to such “raw” individuals is to remain silent. “Vassalam”, meaning “and peace”, is used to end abruptly any speech or conversation.

2) See footnote 5, p163. In this ghazal, Rumi depicts himself as a doctor with a miraculous cure for all ills.

3) In Sufi tradition, Christ is well known for his healing powers, and specifically for his ability to raise the dead.

4) The ending of the lunar month of Ramadan (the month of fasting) is the greatest celebration in the Muslim calendar, and known as the Eid.

5) Here, in the original Farsi, Rumi names two specific herbal medicines for these two common physical disorders.
In contrast with these, the kind of medicine he is offering has been extracted directly from heaven and is a cure for all spiritual ills.

6) In Persian folklore, the owl is a bad omen, associated with ill luck. Interestingly, whereas in western tradition, the bird is a symbol of wisdom, in India, it is believed to be stupid.

7) In Sufi terminology, to “fly with the eagle” is to attain the peak of human consciousness, or to live in divinity.

All rights reserved
The book is NOT published yet and is awaiting the RIGHT publisher!

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Gamble of Love (Rumi)

and what a gamble is, this love…  the loser gambler, who has NOTHING, but ONE wish: to have another round….. )

چه خوش آن قمار بازی که نماندش هیچ الا هوس قماری دیگر؟؟؟

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Life in Koregaon Park

corner teashop, kp planet,  2001

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Drunkenly, back-cover…

Drunkenly, back-cover with left-fold bar

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body and soul are not hidden from each other…Rumi

body and soul are not hidden from each other…

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Torn curtains, 11, TheReed, Rumi

Torn curtains, 11

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YOU stay…. Rumi, Masnavi, 16

You stay, the purest. 16

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All but the fish, 17, Masnavi, Rumi

All but the fish, 17

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18, Masnavi: silence and peace…

cooked/raw = silence and peace 18

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