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With Ramanaji Pune sept 2011


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May 17, 2012 · 11:04 pm

in Pune, sept 2011


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Mulshi Lake,Pune, April 2001

With Edi, Mulshi Lake, April 2001

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Dhamma is never unjust…

2004/11/2002 / 01:44 PM

… yes it is a reality and not the TRUTH. Sad, but a ‘reality’!
they have deleted me from their list and my translations will never be published in Iran (with the same regime!) apparently the popular Raaz (Osho on Sufism) has caused Osho’s books to be banned from publication and reprint-permits for the last six months and ‘they’ think i am the cause of it. They even think that i wanted the book cover to have a picture of Osho, while i had NO role in it and i had not seen any drafts before actual publication.
But they see me ‘responsible’ for it!!!!!!!!!

What to do? He gave me very clear direct warning that they may do ‘legal’ things and with ‘one phone call’, i can be ‘deported’ very easily without ANY Human Right Issue! This is India! Yes, this is a sad reality too. But where can you live? On the OCEANS?, as Osho suggested! Is there any place where you can tell the truth and face not the harsh consequences? I guess not? Do you see anywhere on this globe?

So that is why, we need to come up with a ‘new plan’ to go on doing the same thing without involving osho here.(directly).

Human ‘laws’ can be ugly and cruel, yet Dhamma is never unjust. We shall see which ‘law’ prevails. Making money and becoming powerful in establishment is ‘legal’ but spreading the uncensored words of Osho is a ‘sin’, with grave ‘punishments’! But i do not want to be a ‘sinner’ anymore to face the punishment. It is Not the time yet.

So as Raghu said, i make it into a ‘meditation’ and use this ‘passive nature’ of mine more deeply. Now i need to make basic changes in my life style and am grateful to them who made me do it by warning! Of course we just met by pure synchronization and only a ‘divine plan’ for me to get the point, BEFORE it was too late! Like the ‘print job the other day!

Ok. I surrender to the Will of existence, Amrito being one part of it!…

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پونا: شهر كوليان اين كيهان

این را تقریبا یک سال پس از ورود به پونا نوشتم = قبل از آن که از این شهر خسته شوم و هوای “فرار” به سرم بزند… توجه کنید که نامی از “آشرام” برده نشده و از همان وقت آنجا را “مرکز تفریحی” خوانده بودم!!
و بادهاي شديد اردي بهشتي …..
و جريان هوا و سپس:
باران و باران و باران.
و قبل از آن،
آفتاب سوزان،
خورشيدي نزديك.
اينجا پوناست،
شهر عشق و خدا
شهر عشاق بي وطن
شهر كوليان اين كيهان
شهر شهيدان شاهد
شهر اشو
شهر من، شهر تو، شهر ما…..
اينجا غوغايي است در سكوت و سكوتي است درميان اينهمه همهمه…
نه، شايد اينجا پونا هم نباشد، كه ظاهراً هست!
ولي شايد اين از ارتعاشات كورگان پارك است.
با آن مركز تفريحي در ميانش، همچون نگيني پربها.
هرچه هست، چيزي متفاوت است و ارزش بودن در اينجا را دارد.
شكر. شكر. شكر.
29اردي بهشت 1381 = 19 مي 2002

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a letter to a friend…osho

AUM Monday Oct.01.01, 10:55 pm

Dear ….
Wish you all the best.
This past few weeks were so wonderful.
Learning many things & meeting new people!
See the Blessing of Osho?
This brother from …., wrote an email for me 3 months ago.
And he sent me 300$ as a loan!
Last night I cashed it into 14157 Rs & paid the 2 loans I had for 2 months rent.
At least that much we are ahead!

He wants to come over & stay for a while ….
I meet new faces almost everyday. Young Iranis ..
I even met a beautiful blond 6 months old baby boy ( ASHAM) 2 nights ago along with the parents & friends, all Iranians!

Working on the 4 Magazine now & I dedicate the translation to the “Iranians in Pune” .
It is on “BREAKING FREE FROM THE PAST” ( the first step to sannyas , as Osho says.)
I am so grateful to Him & to You & to the whole Existence.

Tonight at German Bakery, one Irani Student told me something about the book RAAZ & its introduction, which made me very happy. It seems that all these hardships are worth it.
It is about Osho & His vision. So please pray for all of us.

Yes Rani is lovely & you can get to know her better on
e-mail : rani@ranimu.com
Thank you & all the best..

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exoteric vs. esoteric, After Osho

This always happens: when I say something, I create two groups of people around me. One group will be exoteric. They will organise, they will do many things concerned with society, with the world that is without; they will help preserve whatever I am saying.The other group will be more concerned with the inner world. Sooner or later the two groups are bound to come in conflict with one another because their emphasis is different.

The inner group, the esoteric mind, is concerned with something quite different from the exoteric group. And, ultimately, the outer group will win, because they can work as a group.

The esoteric ones cannot work as a group; they go on working as individuals. When one individual is lost,something is lost forever.This happens with every teacher.

Ultimately the outergroup becomes more and more influential; it becomes an establishment. The first thing an establishment has todo is to kill its own esoteric part, because the esoteric group is always a disturbance. Because ofheresy, Christianity has been destroying all that is esoteric…

These are intrinsic problems – they happen, and you cannot do anything about it.

“The Great Challenge, 1972

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Growing high in which direction?

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Hazrat Baba Jaan =تصوير حضرت باباجان

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Toughest/darkest Timeصبر کافی و روشنایی آفتاب =

Just now, Saeed, 24, a new net-friend from Tehran, asked me
(via Yahoo messenger) when was my ‘hardest = toughest time’ in my life, and i instantly relied
‘six months ago, just before i came to Mehr Baba….
Wow, yes, those were the darkest moments of my life, just ‘BEFORE THE DAWN’.
If i can only name ONE quality, helping me to reach His Daman, it is the PATIENCE i have developed over the years, on this path of love.
Thanks to Baba and Mani and Mehera and ALL others who made this possible!
Jay Baba, be Happy and Worry Not, as our Beloved Baba says…..
سلام/ همین الان سعید از تهران از طریق یاهوپیامبر پرسید که سخت ترین دوران عمرم کی بوده است؟ بی درنگ برا یش نوشتم
“قبل از آمدنم پیش بابا= حدود 6-7 ماه پیش”” بله …واقعاٌ مانند تاریکترین لحظات نیمه شب
و درست قبل از طلوع بود. و معمولاٌ هم چینین است.
و اگر یک کیفیت باشد که بتوانم آن را در رسیدن به آفتاب موثر بدانم،
همان صبر و شکیبایی است که بقدر کافی داشته ام
با تشکر از ناخدا و منیژه خواهر عزیزش و مهرای عزیز و سایر نزدیکان و عشاق بابا که این زندگی را اینگونه در اینجا و اینک محقق ساخته اند
شاد باشید… بزودی مقداری دیگر از بابا به فارسی ترجمه خواهم کرد و در اینجا خواهم آورد..

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