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Dhamma is never unjust…

2004/11/2002 / 01:44 PM

… yes it is a reality and not the TRUTH. Sad, but a ‘reality’!
they have deleted me from their list and my translations will never be published in Iran (with the same regime!) apparently the popular Raaz (Osho on Sufism) has caused Osho’s books to be banned from publication and reprint-permits for the last six months and ‘they’ think i am the cause of it. They even think that i wanted the book cover to have a picture of Osho, while i had NO role in it and i had not seen any drafts before actual publication.
But they see me ‘responsible’ for it!!!!!!!!!

What to do? He gave me very clear direct warning that they may do ‘legal’ things and with ‘one phone call’, i can be ‘deported’ very easily without ANY Human Right Issue! This is India! Yes, this is a sad reality too. But where can you live? On the OCEANS?, as Osho suggested! Is there any place where you can tell the truth and face not the harsh consequences? I guess not? Do you see anywhere on this globe?

So that is why, we need to come up with a ‘new plan’ to go on doing the same thing without involving osho here.(directly).

Human ‘laws’ can be ugly and cruel, yet Dhamma is never unjust. We shall see which ‘law’ prevails. Making money and becoming powerful in establishment is ‘legal’ but spreading the uncensored words of Osho is a ‘sin’, with grave ‘punishments’! But i do not want to be a ‘sinner’ anymore to face the punishment. It is Not the time yet.

So as Raghu said, i make it into a ‘meditation’ and use this ‘passive nature’ of mine more deeply. Now i need to make basic changes in my life style and am grateful to them who made me do it by warning! Of course we just met by pure synchronization and only a ‘divine plan’ for me to get the point, BEFORE it was too late! Like the ‘print job the other day!

Ok. I surrender to the Will of existence, Amrito being one part of it!…

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Iran is a VERY strange country = ایران کشور عجیبیه

ایران کشور عجیبیه.میپرسید چرا؟ به این دلیل که:

Yes, Iran these days is a VERY strange country: Why? Because:

ایران تنها کشوری است که در آن سیاستمداران کار اقتصادی می کنند، شرکتهای اقتصادی کار سیاسی می کنند و نیروهای نظامی کار تولیدی می کنند!؟!

It is the ONLY country, in which the politicians do economical work, the economical entities do political work and the armed forces are involved in production!

یکی از بزرگترین صادرکنندگان نفت و یکی از بزرگترین واردکنندگان بنزین هستیم.

We are one of the biggest oil producing countries and one of the biggest importers of petroleum.

با اسرائیل دشمن هستیم ، اما نزدیکترین دوستمان رئیس جمهور ونزوئلا با چند میلیارد دلار قرار داد نظامی ، یکی از نزدیکترین دوستان اسرائیل به شمار می آید!؟

We are ‘enemies’ to Israel, but the president of Venezuela, who has military contracts worth billions of dollars with Israel, is the closest friend of our president!

برای مسلمانان لبنان خودمان را هلاک می کنیم ، پول می فرستیم،دعا ئshy;واله می کنیم . اما هیچ خبری از مسلمانان چچن نمی گیریم.

We kill ourselves for the Moslems in Lebanon, send them money and pray for them, but we do not ask or care for the Moslems in Chechen.

از هر 1000 مفسد اقتصادی یکی و از هر 1000 فعال سیاسی 999 نفر در زندان داریم!!

One out of 1000 of the economical criminals, and 999 out of 1000 political activist are in prison.

توی همه جای دنیا آثار باستانی را از زیر آب در میارن ، توی ایران می برند زیر آب !؟

In the rest of the world, they take the ancient archaeological constructions OUT of the water, in Iran, they drown them in water.

در ایران دانشجوها توی کتابخانه آشنا می شن ، توی پارک درس می خونن، سر کلاس می خوابن!؟!

In Iran, the students meet in the libraries, study in public parks and sleep at the classes.

اینجا همه خودشان را فوق العاده جدی می دانند اما همه همدیگر را مسخره می کنند

In Iran, everybody take him/herself very seriously, but they all make fun of each other!

زندگی هرکس تا آن اندازه خصوصی است که استعداد فضولی مردم به آن نتواند نفوذ یابد!؟

Private life of an individual is as private, as to be kept safe from the talent of people to penetrate it!

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2007 and Iranian people suffering by the stupid ones!

The cartton is posted above!!!

Jay Baba all… Merry His birthday…..wonderful times here in Meherabad, in various aspects…..Thanks to The Captain……wish had more time to write more….. the following is a post i HAD TO WRITE, about my other blog (NewTune4NewMan) (someone is posting there, not me!) and before that, i post this cartoon which is very FRESH, for the season….. As i read the news, 2007 will be a ‘tough’ time for Iranians in Iran, the sanctions will make people suffer MORE than now….This cartoon expresses how some ‘stupid’ people can make others suffer….
Jay Baba

who is posting here?

Jay Baba, PLEASE! i did not post the previous post EITHER!!! Strange, even when i changed the password, still SOMEONE out there can post into this blog, WITHOUT my permission and consent! Please do not do so!
Thank you!

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Karma and the 3 Old Rule of Zarthushtra

“Karma is not something complicated or philosophical.
Karma means watching your body,
watching your mouth, and
watching your mind.
Trying to keep these three doors as pure as possible is the practice of karma.”
Lama Thubten Yeshe
from “The Bliss of Inner Fire”
Thanks to mickey “ô¿ô” …tuhlotteson…and dear ones in the ‘divine net’
Jay Baba

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But without love, how can there be some freedom and justice? HOW?

This morning i received an invitation to sign a petition for the freedom of at least two Iranian students, recently captured (kidnapped) by the ‘authorities’ who have occupied our beloved Iran, since 1979.

I have signed it, you are also welcome to…..Not only i feel symapathy and compassion for those who are in captivity of the ‘unloving’ ones, i also feel pity and compassion for those who do such evil things…. Ignorance is so strong that they REALLY do not know what they are doings! Harming others fellow beings JUST to stay in ‘power’? what else except ignorance can do such harm to ALL? __ including those who harm others…. That is why a NEW EDUCATION SYSTEM is needed for those who are in power, to teach them the oneness of all life!
The only problem is that the ‘oppressors’ will not be ‘present’ in such a system! They will be ‘absent’ always! The ‘trick’ is how to make it so ‘loving’ that those ‘love-less’ ones also become interested to participate! i think it IS POSSIBLE, accepting the difficulties and obstacles for making such a system!

The real problem is that even if the present regime is somehow toppled, another ‘love-less’ class will come to replace it. But without love, how can there be some freedom and justice? HOW?

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Viva the courage of Iranian women

Jay Baba….again i need to say that i am NOT interested or involved in politics at all, yet it does not mean that i can ignore the facts and the realities which goes on in my mother land….

the news from Iran is NOT so loving! Actually full of violence and hatred… for those who want to know, here is a picture: showing the brutal acts of the ‘leaders’ toward the women, in Tehran. Once again, Iranian women have taken the lead to oppose the oppression and we, men, should get a lesson from their courage…..

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for the girls wishing to ‘marry’ = MOHEM AST

Jay Baba, the following i just found in my inbox, it is about the rights the woman CAN HAVE, to be registered in the marrigae certificate. If you do not ask for it, they will not give them to you! So make sure these ‘conditions’ ARE WRITTEN in your marriage document.

تازگی ها (پایان سال 1387) یک تغییر دیگر  و مهم در سند های ازدواج داده اند و یک جمله ی کوچک را تغییر داده اند که طبق آن مهریه فقط در صورتی قابل وصول است که داماد استطاعت یا توان پرداخت آن را داشته باشد. یکی دیگر از حیله های آخوند های مکار برای فریب زنان…..
خیلی مهم است برای زنان قبل از سند خوردن
این شروط باید با عبارات حقوقی معینی در عقدنامه نوشته شود و در صورت ذکر نشدن برخی عبارات خاص حقوقی از حیث اعتبار خارج است و نمی توان به آنها استناد کرد.

1. زوج به زوجه وكالت بلا عزل با حق توكيل به غير ميدهد تا زوجه در هر زماني كه بخواهد از جانب زوج اقدام به متاركه نموده و از قيد زوجيت خود را رها كند به هر طريق اعم از اخذ يا بذل مهريه.

2. زوجه اجازه دارد از هم اكنون هرگاه خواست به خارج از كشور برود و نياز به اجازه مجدد زوج ندارد. چه براي اخذ يا تمديد يا تجديد گذرنامه و اين اجازه دائمي است.
3. زوجه حق ادامه تحصيل تا هر مرحله اي كه لازم بداند و در هر مكان و محلي كه ايجاب نمايد مخير است.
4. زوج ، زوجه را در انتخاب هر شغلي كه مايل باشد و هر كجا كه بتواند كار كند، مخير ميكند و اجازه ميدهد كه مشغول به كار شود.
5. زوج و زوجه متعهد ميشوند هنگام جدايي اعم از اينكه متاركه به درخواست مرد باشد يا به درخواست زن، كليه دارايی كه بعد از ازدواج دائم زوجين به دست ميآورد بين آن ها به مناصفه تقسيم شود.
6. حق انتخاب مسكن و تعيين شهر يا محلي كه زندگي مشترك در آنجا ادامه پيدا كند با زوجه خواهد بود.
7. اگر در آينده زوجين داراي فرزند شدند و طلاق اتفاق افتاد حضانت فرزندان به عهده زوجه باشد و در صورت خروج از كشور نيازي به اذن پدر ندارند.

ازدواج یک قرارداد حقوقی است که بر اساس آن زن و مرد حقوق و تکالیفی را بر عهده می گیرند. بر اساس قوانین مدنی ایران، این حقوق و تکالیف به صورت برابر بین زن و شوهر تقسیم نمی شود و در واقع زن به موجب عقد ازدواج بسیایر از حقوق مدنی و معنوی خود همچون حق سفر، اشتغال، انتخاب مسکن، ولایت بر فرزندان و جدایی از همسر را از دست می دهند و در قبال آن حقوق ماد همچون مهریه و نفقه را به دست می اورند که در بسیاری ازموارد دستیابی به این حقوق مادی هم با مشکل همراه است، براي رفع اين نابرابري و براي اينكه يك تعادلي بين اين حقوق و تكاليف برقرار شود، ميتوانيم از شروط ضمن عقد استفاده كنيم.يعني زن و شوهر يك سري مسائل مورد توافق خودشان را كه قانون در مورد آنها ساكت است يا نظر قانون در آن زمينه مورد پذيرش آنها نيست ولي مطابق خود قانون توافق خلاف آن هم ممكن است، در سند ازدواج به عنوان شروط ضمن عقد ثبت كنند.
این شروط که شامل حق مسکن، کار، تحصیل، طلاق، تقسیم دارایی های مشترک در هنگام جدایی و حضانت فرزندان است،باید در هنگام عقد نکاح در دفتر خانه ثبت اسناد رسمی در قباله ازدواج ثبت شود.



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This 4w & freedom of expression

Jay Baba…. i rather post useful essential things, rather than the trivia, so the delay in posting is just due to this fact, and ‘other facts of life’! The following is a ‘fresh reply’ to an Irani sister, living abroad, who we recently met thru some Yahoo group i send my translaions to. Since it is related to my previous post/’favorite subject’, i post some parts of it here and welcome your feedbacks on this and other post…. more is cooking about other ‘vita; interesting topics’ (Italics are hers)

Dear friend …….Glad this English correspondence is useful for you, for me is, as well. please keep it up and if you let me i use some of your words in my blog………….

From those articles ,I only read one which was very interesting too,About different thought of different nations,whom are supposed to be free and liberated in the 21th century ,although we encountered condemn of those people ,as in Bahaee ,religion.

i am glad you see the point.

The largest of whom being astonished by some of wrong decisions of the Sects of the other religion such as moslems in Iran.

…….. or ‘extinct’ ?? or prosecuted? Yes, those mullas cannot tolerate anything that goes against their big sick egos!

Although we have to accept , it comes from benefits of politicians who made decisions to abolish those Bahaee ,……………

Yes and unfortunately, in Iran these days, the Politicians and the Priests are ONE nasty ‘body’!!

Anyway ,don’t take it wrong: I am not Bahaee either,but I had some Bahaee freinds when I was in central America,they were really friendly nice and well educated.One of them was the leader of the group of nine people ,and I had seen many pictures from Hifa in Israeel ,their temple and religious ceremonies,.

Yes, true. they are ‘highly cultured and very close to the ‘ultimate truth = LOVE’, much much closer to GOD than those who condemn/prosecute them!

In my opinion all the people are good ,this is us who think bad about the people ,so they are not responsible for the way we think about them.

Yes dear, this is called ‘right seeing’. Wish those in ‘worldly power’ also could see this, but as you know better, they are ‘blind and deaf’!

Oh I talked too much ,sorry about that and I wanted to mention this point that ,the article I have read there ,fascinated me so much in this case and it shows the reality in a way u accept the argumentation of the article.

Thank you dear, do you mean the Farsi article by M.Mir?
Yes, Freedom of expression has been always my way of life, in theory and in practice. i Thank the whole existence that we have this wwww (wonderful www!) to express ourselves and communicate with each other.

Yes, the first few sentences were in German , cuz I have seen the weblog about u in German language,may be it was because of my computer setting,.

thank you yet i would love to know if it was YOUR writing or the site introduction, or what else? if it was yours, i appreciate a translation!

Ok thanks alot again for what u sent to me,
sometimes my dictation and words which I used are not correct ,the reason is only mixing alot with German and French ,so forgive me for this case,I know I almost forget English but it is good to write in English .It is helpful.
Ok it is all for now,thanks again ,and bon weekend.Happy Easter, Happy smiles ,, Mojdeh,

Thank you dear one. i appreciate your being my friend and hope we communicate more often and if you let me i will post some of this mail to my blog, to encourage readers feedbacks……….
in His love and service

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Humanity MUST prevail

the following i just found in my inbox, since it is about HUMAN RIGHT of self-expression, will post it here for a change, for Farsi readers. Hope i am not ‘accused’ of being a “Bahaee’! But who cares, i visted their temple in Delhi 2 months ago and it was a delight! Jay Baba

انسانیست باید محقق شود.

سالهاست که دراین مملکت انسانها به جرم اندیشه محکوم میشوند. ربطی هم به جمهوری اسلامی ندارد. آیین قبیله است. ریشه اش بیشتر در فرهنگ است تا سیاست. اما وسعتش وقتی دیده میشود که میرسد به روابط کلان اجتماعی. عمریست قاعده دراین مرز و بوم حذف مستقیم دیگران است . فقط حلقه ی این “دیگران” درهر دوره از گردن عده ای به گردن گروهی دیگر افتاده.

درميان آنها که مدام “دیگران” بوده اند ، چه درزمان قاجار، چه درزمان پهلوی و چه امروزـ البته با شدت و ضعف درنوسان ـ بهائیان، شاگرد اول شده اند. محرومیت از تحصیل دانشگاهی ، محرومیت از ثبت ازدواج در اسناد رسمی ایران ، محرومیت از دریافت حقوق بازنشستگی ، حتی محرومیت از داشتن عنوانی به نام بازنشستگی علیرغم سنوات کار، محرومیت ازداشتن حق بیمه ،محرومیت از داشتن سنگ قبر، اعدام های فراوان، شکنجه وحبس های بی دلیل، حبس اموال، تخریب مکانهای مقدس و ممنوعیت خروج از کشورو آزارهایی از این دست ـ که چند موردش بعد از اصلاحات کم رنگ و یا حل شد و باقیش همچنان به قوت خودش باقیست ـ از جمله مواردیست که باور کردنش در قرن ۲۱ کمی سخت است اما به شدت واقعیست. و تمام اینها تاوان همان “جور دیگر اندیشیدن” است و قصه ی” قبیله و دشمن”. متاسفانه ترس از آنچه که هرگز ندانسته ایم چیست، فضا را برای اعمال این حذف خشن آماده تر میکند.

گاهی فکر میکنم این ندانستن بر میگردد به اینکه به شدت ایرانیست. شاید اگر مبداش به هند یا چین یا بیافرا بر میگشت کمی ساده تر نگاهش میکردیم .هنوزهم ما، بهائیان را به عنوان پیروان “بهائی گری” میشناسیم. هنوز هم به دلیل نظم اداری این آیین، باور میکنیم که اینها وابسته اند به تشکیلات مخوف فراماسونری. هنوز هم فکر میکنیم که کار، کارانگلیس ها ست و کتاب های قطوری هم برای اثبات این فرضیه ها در بغلمان گذاشته اند. هنوز هم خیلی ها فکر میکنند که اميرعباس هویدا بهائی بوده . هنوز هم قصه ها هست ازآن کلید ها که در محفل های این جماعت رد و بدل میشود. و قصه های ازدواج با محارم… و خلاصه هر چه که غرور ملتی را جریحه دار میکند تا آنها را محکوم کند و من حذف کننده را تایید. ونمی دانیم که آنها هنوزهم زندانی میشوند و هیچکس نمیتواند خبری از وضع سلامتشان به بیرون برساند یا ازشان دفاع کند.

اینکه من چه باوری دارم، دین دارم یا حتی خداپرست هم نیستم ، اصلن مهم نیست. حتی اینکه آیا به آنچه ادعای باورش را داشته ام یا به باورش شهرت پیدا کرده ام ، مخلص بوده ام یا نه. حتی اینکه آنچه جماعتی عاشقانه برایش جان میدهند به زعم من یا دیگری اسمش دین است یا فرقه یا هیچ، این هم مهم نیست.

من اما به عنوان یک انسان درد میکشم وقتی انسان دیگری تنها به جرم اندیشه ی” دیگر” در هر کجای تاریخ یا جغرافیای هستی محکوم باشد. چه زینب ،چه مسیح ، چه حلاج ، چه گالیله، چه ژاندارک، چه ماندلا، چه طاهره ، چه واسلاو هاول، چه اکبر گنجی و چه آنها که بعدها نامشان خواهد ماند

محمد میر

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some oriententioal notes =Journey of life ‘from god to God’, “from Tehran to McLeod Ganj”

Wow , Wow, Wow, what an amazing journey is this whole’ trip’?
… ‘From essence to essence’,…………. from that place to this place,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
just to realize WHO WE ARE, and WHY we have come along this long journey!!…..

By His grace, from opening the ‘physical eyes’ (Tehran, Sept 1951), to be trained in the new culture of ‘the strongEST nation on the earth’ (USA, 1973-1979),,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,, from experiencing ‘married life’ and having two sons, to getting disillusioned of the old ‘conditioned mind’ (1979-1991),,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,, from the passion of translating words of that ‘funny thief’ to feeling the REAL compassion of Meher Baba, The REAL Theif of the hearts (1991-2005),,,,,,,,,,,

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, is such a wonderful trip: full of adventures and dangers , yet always pleasing for my soul (even during the ‘rough times’!)

……this is just an ‘oriententioal note’ for my new friends in my new life (starting after the Guru Poornima, Full moon, July 2005, AT MEHERABAD, The Magic Hill)……

The posts below are about then on, up until Feb.14. 2006, where my trip to Delhi and other issues prevented me from updating….

the coming posts will be covering the NEWS OF LOVING (in REAL everyday sence!) from that trip up to now….. hope i can remember MANY MANY MANY loving gestures and experiences i had since then, being among Baba Family and even NOW, here in this small famous village who His Holiness Dalai Lama is residing and having his headquarters….. i wish ALL Babalovers can come for a visit, if they can afford it! The safety and silence is NEXT to Mehrabad, yet without the general ‘Indian mass culture/mentality’ ! Here the Tibetans are in majority and the geography is almost opposite to Our Magic Hill, full of green mountains with tall trees and many waterfalls around……

Until soon
in His Divine Grace and Mercy

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