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Matter=Energy**LightSpeed / Condensed Energy = Money!

latest loving news from The Hill=آخرین اخبار عاشقانه از این تپه ی مهرآباد

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Thanks to Baba, just came back from Nagar/ PC……The 2 books were copied & bounded, 3 of each: one set is with an Irani brother whom Bhauji referred to him to read them. His reply to my letter was very kind and supportive. Max read it for me from his laptop in the Meher Nazar Office. Left two for the PC office to be used in the reading room in PC. Got some water and….home……..the moment I arrive they start ‘singing’! ‘Jay Baba, Jay Baba’…..and this ‘code’ is so strong that you cannot resist. I can’t, you may! In fact, many people just ignored them ….those who can make them happy and BECOME REAL happy doing so! But that is not my ‘business’! I was ‘warned’ by a sister months ago, ‘NOT to give them anything’, but THANKS to Baba, I have NEVER been an ‘obedient kid’! my obedience is ONLY to GOD and NO ONE ELSE, especially when the ‘order’ comes from the ‘usual fearful mind of the typical mediocre mass mentality’………. I had to tell her then that within my ‘home space, I can do what I like’, and she THEN acknowledged my right, because she is American, anyway!

Of course, this decision, like ANY other decision in life, has its own ‘consequences’, and fortunately, since this one has come from my HEART and NOT the mind (mind fears the economical consequences of it!), it is only a matter of ‘a fistful of $$$’ tp resolve it and I am sure that as Baba himself had arranged for the ‘budget’, He will continue to do so in future too, so the mind can shut up and rest in peace of this Magic Hill!…. so gave some concentrated saffron drinks to 5 boys and girls at the door and the rest of those Xmas small cane-shape candies from USA. Crushed one into 5 small pieces and they left happily and I came here to write this latest newsofloving!

Happy times………Jay Baba

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can money buy bliss?

can money buy bliss?

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