Persian = Farsi: the sexiest language!

The Sexiest language!
A non-serious look, @ a serious issue!!
Salam +Rokhsat (asking permission) from all my elders, friends & masters.
I love my mother tongue, so naturally, do not like to see it polluted with various “viruses”__ misusing the words, meaninglessly misused words = ABUSE! = FOHSH!
Our ABUSES say a lot about us, how we feel , how we think & how we are!!
……. got the idea from a “joke” __ which I forgot now!!
{ somebody who wanted to learn Farsi, BY BOOK, after few days, gave the book back to his Irani friend & said in objection, “ what kind of a language is this?! It is full of KARDAN + DADAN!!”}
“Doing” +“Giving” are the two poor misused verbs!!
In Farsi(Persian) everyday language, both verbs are used in sexual intercourse, first restrict for men & the second, restrict for women!!!
The first is ACTIVE, while the 2nd is PASSIVE!!
Yes, almost ALL our verbs are either used with Kardan, or with Dadan!
(what is the secret behind it, I do not know & appreciate if someone can help!)
From a simple SALAM (salam kard/dad), to more complex verbs like: Parking the car (Park kard), or telling the news (khabar dad)…….
The interesting point is that the REAL, deeper meanings of these two verbs are also LOST in the fog of a chauvinistic culture!
We attribute Kardan to Male (higher sex) & Dadan, to Female (lower sex)
See how sickening it will become?!
So, “Doing” & “Giving” are emptied from their original meaning & filled with garbage!
Then, “Non-Doing” which is a priority for a peaceful life, becomes secondary to “Doing”.
And “Giving” , which is The Law of Love, becomes secondary & passive& many a times, a SHAME, or a sign of weakness!!
No wonder why we suffer so much from our own collective unconsciousness & individual consciousness (in both, we are so low & dark)??!!!
Then in our everyday street language (which is widely used @ home as well, in most uncultured families !), we (Men) insult various ladies __ as being our “enemies’ sisters & mothers”!!)
The interesting point is that almost Everybody, sexually abuses everybody else!!
The rulers abuse the ruled & the ruled abuse the rulers!!
(or ANY other combination of these two basic categories!!)
Remembered many years back in Iran, was the witness of some inter-family-fights (verbally violent!!) in a small village & the young woman of this family was using such abuses in her anger & shouting, things only a man can say, because of the nature of the act! But she was still using them, because she was so aggressive & fluent in that language, which ONLY man can speak, not even every man!!
And the suffering continues ……. in such societies, woman suffer much more than man, because her nature is being denied & misunderstood, even by herself ( a False Self-Image!) & her freedom is taken away by the male dominated society!
Men are also suffering the consequences of their own acts, in their OWN ways!!
Sexually abusing WORDS, especially while shouting in anger, could be a good catharsis for a sexually repressed MSs(male chauvinists)!!(NOT to mention the third attribute!!)
But what about the VIRUSES they carry along?!! they are very destructive for a healthy life!!
And the sad point is that even the small girls/boys in the families, hear this non-sense, from childhood {@street, or @home , or……} and somehow it gets imprinted into their minds that kardan means “superiority”, or power, and dadan means “inferiority” or weakness.
If this is so in the society & @the surface, it is NOT so in individuals, & NOT in REAL NATURE!!
In Reality. in Nature, it is woman who FIRST chooses her mate (in case she is free, of course!)
She may not go after it immediately, as men do, but prefers to wait & be offered!(This is her way!)
In Reality, it is man, who is weaker than woman (except in muscles-force, which is nothing compared to mind-force, or emotional force of a woman!!)
That is why most weak men are only a puppet in the mercy of their strong women (@ the unconscious level)
Men have MUCH LESS endurance in life, than women do.
So, it is only a “defense mechanism” for men to cover their weakness, with superficial & artificial MAKE-UPS, or MASKS (ie: aggressive policies, inside & outside homes & a worldwide MESS!)
If we go deeper into the meanings of sexual act and the words associated with it, we could come up with better, more sensible ideas:
“Doing” is less valuable than “giving”
Giving is more valuable than ANYTHING else, because it is the Law of Existence: we are GIVEN this life & we have NOT EARNED it.
“Doing” could be very dangerous with much hate & violence in the hearts of men( as we witness the wars all over the village are done by men!).
The ONLY remedy is Love,(Feminine Energy) the ONLY thing which can stop war.
ONLY “Giving” or LOVE (The Basic Law of Nature) may save this mad world.
And if those suppressed & power-hungry guys who make the world wounded & kill innocent people, had a healthy & fulfilled sexual life, they would NEVER get into those ugly games of terror & violence (State or Private makes no difference!)
The story is long & the time is short, so I cut it here & invite your critics on the above.
In English the story is the same, yet with different flavor !
Here, to conclude with some laughter, I offer you the following, which was a paper offered to Osho, in one of His discourses & He shared it with us:
{Osho,: Dhammapada, series 11, pp?! }
for exact info: please visit
{ “One the most interesting words in English language today, is the word “fuck.”
It is one magical word! Just by its sound, it can describe pain, pleasure, hate & love.
In language, it falls into MANY grammatical categories:
It can be used AS verb, BOTH transient (John fucked Mary), and intransient (Mary was fucked by John), AND AS a noun (Mary is a fine fuck)
It can also be used AS an adjective (Mary is fucking beautiful).
As you can see, there are NOT many words with such versatility, besides the sexual meaning.
There are also the following uses:
Fraud: “I got fucked @ the used car lot.”
Ignorance: “Fucked, if I knew!”
Trouble: “I guess I am fucked now!”
Aggression: “fuck you!”
Displeasure: “ what the fuck is going on here?”
Difficulty: “I can’t understand this fucking job!”
Impotence: “He is a fuck-off!”
Suspicion: “What a fuck are you doing?”
Enjoyment: “ I had a fucking good time!”
Request: “get the fuck out of here!”
Hostility: “I am going to knock your fucking head off!”
Greeting: “How the fuck are you?!”
Apathy: “Who gives a fuck?!”
Innovation: “ get a bigger fucking hammer!”
Surprise: “Fuck! You scared the shit out of me!”
Anxiety: “Today is really fucked!”}
love & love & love………………

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