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HOW can they peaceful?!

Found some funny pictures and like to share….
Demonstration in Tehran: do not believe what you read ,
like the incorrect spelling, the statement is incorrect!
they do not know what ‘peace’ is, HOW can they peaceful?!

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Bachelor degree without diploma

Jay Baba,
the ‘tragedy’ is so deep that it can only be seen as ‘funny’, as these real pictures from Iran suggest:
it is a poster ad by a religious institution, in a Tehran Highway, saying :
“Did you know that those who can read the Koran by heart
can get an official Bachelor’s degree, without having a diploma?”

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international petition: appeal for freedom in Iran

received this mail just now and cannot just archive it, without posting it here. i have signed the petition and invite all those who respect Higher Values in Life, to sign it……… Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dear friends around the world

Abed Tavancheh and Yashar Ghajar are young active scientists at the university of Amir Kabir in Teheran, and free journalists, who had established a weblog/journal on internet and reported on the student revolts in Teheran against the “fascist” (exactly expressed) government of Ahamdinejad in Iran. The journal edited by them was called “Human, Justice, Truth”. They have been imprisoned since 1 month now, with no juridical manifest reason and have been cross-examined under extreme conditions and tortured. At the present according to our contacts to Evin jailhouse in Teheran and the student/scientists movement committee in Teheran they are in very bad health condition.

We have been now informed that a list of over hundreds of further students and scientist has been communicated by the Intelligence Service of the Iranian Government, further people who are subject to intensive investigations. We are expecting a next wave of mass arrests of students and scientists at Teheran Universities within the next weeks, including again many journalists and other intellectuals.

Please kindly forward this petition mail to your friends, we need every signature.and join the petition yourself calling for release of the prisoners Abed Tavancheh, Yashar Ghajar, and all Iranian students/scientists/journalists imprisoned by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran through:


If any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to reply.

Many cordial thanks for your support by mediating this mail to friends and joining the petition.

Dr. Sam Vaseghi


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Using ‘non-loving’ women AGAINST God ( =Truth) in Iran.

Jay Baba, again i need to say that i am not involved in politics, only into ‘loving people’! It seems that these two are somehow OPPOSITES! when there is no ‘love’, there is only violence and poverty and all other ‘evils’! After Iran was ‘occupied’ by the ‘internal forces of hatred’ (1979), it gradually became totally victim to the leaders’ lust, greed and hatred…. following pictures and ‘news’ is the recent manifestation of this ‘occupation’.

Interesting enough, now they are using ‘non-loving’ women to fight against ‘loving’ ones who are for Truth and justice. { They know that men are too ‘scared’ to protest and women have more guts to stand for their rights.}

One of the men who had enough courage to stand up for the truth (even when he was a MP in the last parliment) and never left the people alone, is Ali Akbar Musavi Khoiniha, who has been captured in that demonstration.

A blog has beed dedicated for his freedom and i also gave a comment in it. Hope God will save the people against His enemies. We say that ‘whoever lies is the enemy of God’, and the ruling minority of Iran had proven that they are ‘the worse enemies of God’, so far! Because they say that they do all this, ‘for God’s sake’!

i put more pictures of this ‘shameful act of suppression’ in my photoblog, just for the sake of record. From the farthest galaxies to the streets of Tehran, everywhere is ‘God’s territory’, YET a few ignorant ones think otherwise!

Rough suppression of the women’s peaceful gathering in Tehran
The women’s gathering in” Hafte Tir ” circle in Tehran was severly suppressed by the Especial forces and security forces and more than 60 person is arrested .According to Advar news reporter from “Hafte Tire” circle in Tehran , the police forces , among them women police officers could be seen with green uniform and equipped with Batum and tear gas attacked the women in order to disperse them “

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But without love, how can there be some freedom and justice? HOW?

This morning i received an invitation to sign a petition for the freedom of at least two Iranian students, recently captured (kidnapped) by the ‘authorities’ who have occupied our beloved Iran, since 1979.

I have signed it, you are also welcome to…..Not only i feel symapathy and compassion for those who are in captivity of the ‘unloving’ ones, i also feel pity and compassion for those who do such evil things…. Ignorance is so strong that they REALLY do not know what they are doings! Harming others fellow beings JUST to stay in ‘power’? what else except ignorance can do such harm to ALL? __ including those who harm others…. That is why a NEW EDUCATION SYSTEM is needed for those who are in power, to teach them the oneness of all life!
The only problem is that the ‘oppressors’ will not be ‘present’ in such a system! They will be ‘absent’ always! The ‘trick’ is how to make it so ‘loving’ that those ‘love-less’ ones also become interested to participate! i think it IS POSSIBLE, accepting the difficulties and obstacles for making such a system!

The real problem is that even if the present regime is somehow toppled, another ‘love-less’ class will come to replace it. But without love, how can there be some freedom and justice? HOW?

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‘Lover’ word is censured in Iran, what a shame!

Funny or SAD ‘news’?
…..the following i just got from a friend in Iran, it says that the Iranian authorities had FILTERED (censured) the Farsi word ASHEGH = Lover !!! you cannot search such a word!1 what a shame!
عاشق نیز فیلتر شد
چهارشنبه , 28 دي 1384

کلمه ی “عاشق” نیز در ایران مورد لطف فیلترینگ قرار گرفت.

به گزارش سایت www.ict-center.ir، در پی فیلترینگ های اشتباه بسیار زیاد، کلمه ی “عاشق” نیز فیلتر شد.

وقتی یک کلمه فیلتر شود، دیگر قابل جستجو در اینترنت نیست و صفحاتی که اسم آنها شامل آن کلمه باشد، قابل نمایش نیستند.

البته “عاشق” به صورت فارسی فیلتر شده است. یعنی اگر در گوگل و یاهو بخواهید کلمه ی عاشق را جستجو کنید، به فیلتر بر می خورید.

واقعا باید دید منظور مخابرات و ISP ها از انجام این عمل چه بوده است ؟
آیا از نظر آنها عشق و عاشقی در اینترنت گناه و جرم است ؟
و یا عاشق هم جزو کلمات غیر اخلاقی و خلاف عفت محسوب می شود ؟

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where Greed(Private Business) ‘marries’ Lie (Collective Politics)!

ICCIM, 1369, Tehran/Iran

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Vol 1, The Secret, Sufi Stories, Osho

The second, RAAZ, vol. one, 1380

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Ah, this… Osho on Zen

my first book published in Iran, 2001 = 1379 H

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Me, At Work, Tehran/Iran

ICCIM, Tehran 1369 H

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