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What is happening herenow, in Meherabad, Bharata…

April Dhuni in Meherabad=مراسم آتش این ماه در مهرآباد

Peace. jay baba…. Yesterday the Dhuni was GOOD. Went to arti first and then walked down to the road side, where the FIRE is.Seeing Heather and Erico was lovely and we talked a bit from the Railway to the road. They must feel much satisfaction, seeing the results of their devotion and hard work for Beloved Baba during these years.
سلام. مراسم آتش دیروز خیلی خوب و جالب بود. قبل از آن برای زیارت رفتم بالای تپه و بعد از مراسم نیایش، با خوانندگان هندی مقداری دف نواختم. پیاده آمدم به سمت جاده و همزمان، هدر و اریکو را دیدم که موتورشان را نزدیک خط آهن پارک کردند و تا رسیدن به آتش دونی کمی با هم صحبت کردیم و شکرگزاری و شادیم را از بودن در اینجا با زبان بی زبانی (بردن دست ها به بالا) بیان کردم. این دو باید خیلی بیشتر از ما حال کنند از دیدن رشد این محل و در واقع ثمره دهی تلاش های مخلصانه شان برای آباد کردن مهرآباد. .

The Music was good and the Artis, as well. .6 Iranias were there (Excluding M’dkht, who does not like Persian(s)(Men. women language….)!

Persian Arti was performed by us and at the end MeherBaba/ MeherBaba Tune was fast and thrilling! .Some new faces and good old ones were there. There were about 150-200 people and more than one could expect for this month.
بادانی مهرآباد تا حد زیادی مرهون تلاش های این دو عزیز است؛ البته با همکاری سایر عزیزان پیشتاز

در حدود 200 نفر آمده بودند و بادرنظرگرفتن فصل گرما جالب بود دیدن این تعداد از چهره های قدیم و جدید. بدون مهردخت شش نفر ایرانی بودیم (چون ایشان از ایرانی بودن خودش و بقیه زیاد خوشش نمیاد و با ایرانی ها هم انگلیسی حرف میزنه، ایشون را جزو آمار نیاوردم!) در انتهای دعاها دعای مخصوص ایرانی آلوبا را خواندیم و در انتها هم با یک ریتم تند و شش و هشت نام نامی مهربابا/مهربابا بود که به آسمان رفته بود و همگی خوششان آمد از این شور و حال. Jay Baba

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Wedding Invitation Cards for Baba

Jay baba, while sitting on the left stone a young Indian brother came with 2 different size fancy wedding invitation cards and put them over Baba’s tomb. i thought he wants Baba to bless them only. The bride came after him and they paid respect and left, without taking the cards back. After a while, when leaving, saw the couple again as they were sitting on the big shed area. Sister Suzi already put the cards in the closet. Asked the brother if the cards were for Baba and stay there? He said ‘yes, we invite Him for blessing in our wedding’! Then in a joking way i said, ‘do you think Baba needs a card to be present in your wedding?’ He said very seriously and wisely, ‘Baba may need not but it is OUR DUTY to invite properly’…… That was very cool in that hot sunny Sunday!

Another loving news was/is that brother Graig was there too, sitting quietly under the big shed. You NEVER KNOW whom you’r going to meet up The Hill…….

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Amartithi Webcasts 2007 =پخش برنامه های سالگشت مهربابا در مهراباد

جی بابا/ لینک های زیر در چند روز آینده حاوی برنامه های هنری و اخبار مربوط به مراسم سالگشت عروج مهربابا (31 ژانویه 1969) هستند/ کسانی که مایل به دیدار هستند می توانند روی آن ها کلیک فرمایند (ببخشید ظاهرا لینک ها کار نمی کنند! ) مطلب کپی شده است و شاید مشکل از همین باشد……….!.
The following info is for those who wish to follow the events taking place on The Magic Hill during the Celeberation of Amarthiti (Meher Baba’s leavimg the body , 31st Jan 1969)=

The internet url for the Trust web site is http//
>From the Trust home page, click on “Events and News,” and from
there, on “Event Webcasts.” The top item on that page are:

There you will find all the links to the web events for Amartithi,
including the live broadcast at:

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with Katayun Ji, Mandali hall, meherazad, Dec.10.2006

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mohsen in Hostle A, Meherabad Oct 2006

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Virginia’s 90th Birthday, Oct.2006, New dining Hall, MPR

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Celeberating Mani’s Birthday 2006, in Meherabad

<!–[if supportFields]> DATE \@ “dd/MM/yyyy” <![endif]–>15/12/2006<!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–> / <!–[if supportFields]> TIME \@ “HH:mm” <![endif]–>‏21‏:20‏<!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–> on Mani’s Birthday

Jay Baba…….What a day? At 10 am the ‘old’ dining hall was full of His lovers, many ‘senior ones’ (who had been with Mani MANY years); to share their funny and wonderful stories with the incredible Manije! Two hours of humor, laughter and wisdom, ending with a video from her, telling some real funny story, about a play they have performed in front of Baba. Then with our wonderful ‘universal queen’, my ‘guest’ and me went to Nagar to attend an ‘engagement ceremony’, just outside the city…. Had a good time, typical ‘hot’ (for us!) Indian food for lunch and came back on time to hear Bhauji talk about Mani and ‘other stories’!

Good tea, no cake (strangely! Because usually there is some refreshment, but NOT on this Blessed DAY!) Met some new and familiar faces again and had a good music by Cindy Ji and Debbi Ji and Madhur sang a touching Jazz-Blues song with his guitar….

Went to use the washroom and my dear sister Debjani was working in her spacious office (an EX- 4 beds room!) She runs and manages a program for those who wish to offer their voluntary services for the family of Baba (Includes the WHOLE humanity, I suppose!) Filled out the form while Bhauji was talking (some of the stories I had heard before!) Was thinking to UPDATE my ‘services’ in my dedicated blog and might just do so, SOON! Will have to use/edit the ‘form’ she gave me this evening, to update it…..

So much piled up work waiting and new Yahoo messenger friends are added…. May Baba give enough energy to handle it.

Jay baba


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On Mind and Non-organic beings! یک گپ دوستانه در مورد ذهن و موجودات غیرارگانیک

یک گپ دوستانه و سانسور شده در مورد ذهن و موجودات غیرارگانیک

13/12/2006 / 21:00

برخی از عزیزان می پرسند “کارت چیست؟”…. پاسخش دشوار است چون من یک کار نمی کنم و به کارهای مختلف مشغولم… مثلاٌ گپ زدن اینترنتی و نقش یک مشاور را بازی کردن، گاهی!”…. و گه گاهی دو خط شعری که گویای همه چیز است و خود، ناچیز” …”

Some dear ones ask me ‘what is your job?’….. Hard to answer… Hazrat Ali says ‘The Best Work is Fun’. Thanks to Baba, now I feel this.
در زیر کل گپی را که امروز صبح با یکی از دوستان اینترنتی داشتم برایتان آورده ام تا شاید برای کسانی که از خرافات و مزخرفات استادان قلابی و مال پرست در رنج هستند مفید افتد…. آمین

Following is an example of ONE of my ‘works’ (‘that which keeps me busy’) (no ‘business’!), AS a ‘consultant’ (unofficially, yet ACTUALLY!)…. Since it may have some ‘fun’ for you too (Education is also ‘best’ when it is FUN!), I translate it, in {…}, for the English speaking friends…. {Some parts are edited, for various practical/social/ reasons)

(it is a Yahoo chat session, dated TODAY!) Have fun:

Friend(12:21:43 khob hastid{Are you fine?}

Mohsen(12:21:59 بله عزيز/ يادم نيست {yes dear / do not remember (you)}

Friend(12:22:46 اخه من خيلي وقت هست كه مزاحم شمانشده ام{because it is a long time since I have disturbed you! ( a polite way of saying ‘we chatted’!!}

Mohsen(12:23:03 آشنايي بده { please give some clue}

Friend(12:23:46 من همان ….هستم كه …مشكل داشتم وشما راهمنمايي ام كرديد كه صبور باش وبه خدا توكل كن {I am the same ….who had problem with …….and you advised me to ‘be patient and trust God’}

Mohsen(12:24:14 آها/ توکل کردي؟ صبور بودي؟ هستي؟ ){Aha, Have you trusted? Were you patient?}

Friend(12:25:29 صبوربودم واوضاع ….داره بهتر ميشه رهايش كردم وبخداسپردمش (البته ازدرونم باعشق) والان 2 ماه هست كه به خانه نمي ايد ولي خداراشكر درحال ….هستش {I was patient and my ….‘s condition is getting better. I let go of …. and asked God to protect ….(of course with love and from within)… and now he has been away from home for 2 months, but thanks God he is on the way…}

Mohsen(12:25:54 شکر خدا/ بهش احساس گناه نده و ازش حمايت کن(Thanks God/ do not give ….guilt feeling and support ….}

Friend(اقاي خاتمي عزيز من باذهن بيمارخودم خيلي مشكل دارم{dear Mr. Khatami, I have much problem with my own sick mind}

Friend(12:26:26 تازه دارم ميفهمم كه من از….م بيمارترم {Now I know that I am more sick than my ….!}

Friend(12:26:45 ولي نمي خواهم به قرص ارام بخش پناه ببرم{but i do not like to take shelter in tranquillisers}

Mohsen(12:27:00 احسنت/ شروع شفا همين تشخيص بيماري است/ نگران نباش/ خودت را دوست بدار و خداوند را(Bravo / beginning of the healing is recognizing the disease}

Friend(12:27:59 زماني كه هيچ كاري انجام نميدهم يعني ذهن وقت پرسه زدن دارد بدترين لحظات براي من است {when I do not do anything, means when the mind has time to wander, it is my worse moments for me}

Friend(12:28:41 مي خواهم ازقدرت درونم براي درمان خودم (ذهن بيمار) استفاده كنم{I like to use my inner power for self-healing (the sick mind)}

Mohsen(12:29:27 بله/ در آن وقت بيا به قلبت و احساس هاي مثبت و منفي را تماشا کن و يا کاري مثبت انجام بده/ شستن و پختن و….{yes/ at those moments, come to your heart and WATCH the positive and negative feelings, and or do something constructive: washing/cleaning/cooking…}

Friend(12:30:30 مثلا زمان خواب سخت ترين ودردناك ترين لحظات است {for example, sleeping time is the most difficult and painful time}

Mohsen(12:30:48 بله/ طبيعي است/ اوشو را ميخواني در آن وقت؟ {yes, it is natural/ Do you read ….. at that time?}

Friend(12:31:19 عصر ها بمدت 2الي 3 ساعت مطاله ميكنم{2-3 hours in the evening I read}
Mohsen(12:31:33 اوشو را؟ {who, Osho?}
Friend(12:31:51 بله اشو رامي خوانم {yes, I read Osho}

Friend(12:32:32 اقاي خاتمي ميخواهم يك اقراربكنم {Mr. Khatami, I want to have a confession}

Friend(12:33:07 {Do you have time to discuss this problem?} وقت داريد راجع به اين مسئله باشما صحبت كنم
Mohsen(12:33:21 بله عزيز/ بگو {Yes dear, tell me}

Friend(12:34:13 چندوقت پيش…..اشنا شدم ودرمدت اشنايي راجع به مشكلات وبيماريهايم باايشان صحبت كردم {Some time ago, I met a man,….., I told him about my problems and diseases.}

Friend(12:34:57 اين بنده خدا مرابه يك كلاس به نام فرادرماني( شبكه شعوركيهاني) معرفي كرد. {This servant of God introduced me to a class called “Beyond Therapy =Cosmic Consciousness Network”

Friend(12:35:37 نمي دانم شما اسم اين كلاس را شنيديد {Wonder if you have heard this name or not.}
Friend(12:35:57 استا د اين كلاس اقاي…..نام دارد{The master is called Mr….}

Friend(12:39:28 واين كلاس گفتن شماريشه اي درمان خواهيد شد {And in this class, he said you will be healed from the roots.}

Friend(12:39:54 ومن هم بدون تحقيق ومشورت با كسي به اين كلاس رفتم {And I went to this class, without investigation and consulting with anyone.}

Friend(12:40:24 درابتدا راجع به مسائلي صحبت مي كردند كه همه انها رامن دركتابهاي اشو خوانده بودم {In the beginning they talked about issues that I had read them all in Osho’s books.}

Mohsen(12:43:27 چقدر شهريه دادي؟ {How much was the fee?}
Friend(12:43:54 ترم اول 45000 تومان 4جلسه (First term, 4 sessions, 45000 Toman =450’000 Rls

Friend(12:44:11 شهريه مهم نيست (The fee is not important}
Mohsen(12:44:17 چه نتيجه اي گرفتي تا حالا؟ {What results you have got, so far?}

Friend(12:44:22 من درانتهاي جلسه سوم رواني شدم {I freaked out at the end of third session}
Mohsen(12:44:30 بعدش چي؟ {What after?}

Friend(12:45:16 انها راجع به موجودات غيرارگانيك (جن . ديو. بختك. ال) براي من صحبت كردند {They talked about the ‘Non-organic Beings’, Jennies, giants, bakhtaks, Aals,..}

Friend(12:45:34 وابراز داشتند كه من الوده به يكي ازاين موجودات مي باشم {And they told me that I am contaminated with one of these beings}
Friend(12:46:07 وتمام بيماريهاي ذهني وجسمي .حتي … سالگي من مبتلاشده ام {And all my mental and physical problems, even my …which I got at the age of…. ,}
Friend(12:46:27 مسببش موجودات غيرارگانيك مي باشد {…These non-organic being are responsible for them.

Mohsen(12:47:01 خوب / راه چاره را هم گفتند؟ {ok. Did they talk about the remedy too?}
Friend(12:47:23 يك روش داشتند به نام ارتباط وكلمه هوشمندي . من . نام بيمارراذكر مي كردند و بيماررادرحلقه قرارمي دادند {They had a method called ‘communication’ and a word, ‘intelligence’. They called the name of the patient, me, and they put me inside a circle.}

Friend(12:48:33 من موقع گرفتن ارتباط تصاويرخيلي وحشتناك را مي ديدم { And one day, I saw …….. VERY frightening.}

Friend(12:48:44 وقتي جريان رابراي استاد تعريف كردم {when I told the story for the master,}
Friend(12:49:03 گفتند بايد سريع به كلاس ترم 2 يعني تشعشع دفاعي بروي {he said ‘you must immediately go to the Term 2’, meaning The Defensive Radiation class.

Mohsen(12:49:22 شهريه آن چقدر است؟ (How much is this class’ fee?}
Mohsen عجب/ شايد راه هاي کم خطر ديگري هم باشه{Wow, may be there are cheaper ways, too}

Friend(12:50:45 ابراز كردند دركلاس تشعشع دفاعي ايشان تيري بسوي موجودات پرتاب ميكنند

{They said that in the Defensive Radiation classes, he will shoot an arrow toward such beings
Friend(12:51:18 وهمه موجودات شروع ميكنند شماراازار دادن and all these beings will start to hurt you….}

Mohsen(12:52:07 بعدش چي؟ {Then what?}
Friend(12:52:41 انها ميهمان شما هستند وبراي اينكه ميزبان راعاصي كنند …. شما بايد نترسي وادامه دهيد تااين موجودات ازشما دفع شود {“these are your guests and to hurt the host , they will make you ……, are all their function, and you must not fear and must continue, until you get rid of these beings.}

Friend(12:53:01 ممكن 1الي 2 سال زمان ببرد {“this may take one or two years!” They said!}
Mohsen(12:53:21 يعني چند ميليوني بايد هزينه کني تا تيرها به هدف بخوره؟ {It means that you must spend a few million, so their arrow hit the target!}

Friend(12:53:29 ومن هم كه هم درحال حاظر…..بودم
Friend(12:53:50 كم اوردم وديگر روحيه ام راباختم وحسابي ترسيده بودم {and since I was the … was at loss and lost my spirit and was really scared.}
Mohsen(12:54:12 بله/ ترس بهترين وسيله ي پول درآوردن براي خيلي ها است {Yes, fear is the best means to make money for many people!}

Friend(12:54:13 به شدتي كه دوباره مثل زمان قديم به دعاو ثنا التماس به خدا روي اوردم{My fear was so intense, that I went praying and begging God, as before.}

Mohsen(12:54:36 فقط خدا درماني کن و هزينه ريالي هم نکن/ هزينه اش نفساني است {Do only God-therapy now, and do not spend money/ the cost of this, is the ego !}

Friend(12:55:00 تااينكه كتاب….. راخداوند بدستم رسيد {Until God sent me the book called ….

Friend(12:55:42 وتوسط ان كتاب فهميدم تمام ان موجودات توهمي است كه بابيان انها وفكركردن من درذهنم بوجود امده بود {and through that book, I understood that these beings are illusory, which by expressing and thinking about them, are created in my mind.}
Friend(12:56:17 اين كلاس درخيابان گاندي وبطورازاد فعاليت دارد
Friend(12:56:30 ودولت هم هيچ كاري به انها ندارد {This class is on Gandhi St. and is functioning freely. And the government has no objection to them.}

Mohsen(12:56:50 بله دولت خودش شياد است و براي همکاران آزادي هست {Yes, the government itself is The Charlatan and there is freedom for ‘the colleagues’!}

Friend(12:57:37 خيلي اسيب روحي وجسمي ديدم .تادوباره توانستم خودم راپيدا كنم{I suffered much, spiritually and physically, till I could find myself again.}

Mohsen(12:57:50 حالا پيدا کردي؟
Mohsen(12:57:56 پس مشکلي نداري {Have you found it now? Then, you have NO problem!}

Friend(12:58:17 الان فقط موقع خواب خيلي ضعيف ميشوم{Now, I have become very weak at sleeping time.}
Friend(12:58:31 تاسرگرم كار وتلاش هستم خوبم
Friend(12:58:43 خيلي حساس رنجور وضعيف شده ام {when I am busy working, I am ok, I have become very fragile and weak.}

Mohsen(12:59:06 از همان موقع براي تقويت شدن استفاده کن/ يک وزنه ي طبيعي = سنگ سنگين که حداقل چهار کيلو باشد انتخاب کن و شب ها بگذار روي ناف وازش انرژي بگير {Use THAT time for becoming strong/ put a natural weight = choose a heavy stone, at least 4 Kg, and put it at your navel area, at nights, and gain energy from it.}

Mohsen(12:59:21 دم و بازدم را هم مشاهده کن {Watch your inhalations and exhalations.}
Mohsen(01:00:00 {No problem, This situation will change/ IF you will and act.}عيب نداره/ اين وضعت تغيير مي کنه/ اگر بخواهي و عمل کني

Friend(01:00:07 ميشه كمي بيشتر توضيح دهيد {can you explain more?}
Mohsen(01:00:30 توضيح را فراموش کن و سنگ را پيدا کن/ بازهم ميگم/ {forget the explanations and find the stone! / I repeat it.}

Friend(01:00:44 چه نوع سنگي {What kind of stone?}
Mohsen(01:01:06 اگر کريستال طبيعي يا خام باشه بهتره ولي حتي آهن هم خوبه. باهاش نفس بکش براي تقويت اعتماد به نفس خوه {If it is a raw natural crystal, is better. But even Iron is good. Breath with it . It is good for self-esteem.}

Friend(01:01:17 وزنه مي شود {Can it be a weight-lifting (piece)?}
Mohsen(01:01:25 {Yes ANYTHING heavy} بله هرچيز سنگين

Mohsen(01:01:47 مي تواني در يک شال گرم بپيچي و بگذاري روي مراکز انرژي خودت {You can wrap it in a warm shawl and put it on your energy centres}

Friend(01:02:35 يعني روع ناف (means ON the naval?}
Mohsen(01:03:45 بله بيشتر بين ناف و زير ناف/ روي قلب هم ميتوني قرار بدهي{Yes, mostly on naval and under it/ you may put it on the heart too}

Friend(01:04:16 4 كيلو روي قلب اشكالي ندارد{4 Kg on the heart has no problem?}
Mohsen(01:05:34 شايد داشته باشه در حد تحمل بگذار و زود بردار/ براي قلب از وزنه 2-3 کيلو استفاده {It may, put it until you can bear it, and remove soon / for the heart you can use 2-3 Kg weight.}

Friend(01:06:20 وزنه قديم ورزشكارهاباشد اشكالي نداره. {If it is the old fashion weight-Lifting’s, no problem?}
Mohsen(01:06:46 نه/ لاي پارچه ضخيم بپيچ {No. Warp it in a thick cloth.}

Friend(01:06:45 يك سوال تاخودصبح كه بيدارميشوم اينوزنه بايد روي ان محل بماند {One question: this weight must stay there, until the morning, on the area?
Mohsen(01:07:00 نه وقت خواب بگذار کنار/ تا که خوابت ببره {No, when sleep, put it away/ UNTIL you fall sleep.}

Mohsen(01:07:20 اگر روي ناف خوابت ببره اشکالي نيست و بهتر هم هست {If you sleep while on your naval, it is ok, and it is even better.}
Friend(01:07:27 چه مدت زماني روي ان محل بماند {How long it shall remain on the spot?}

Mohsen(01:07:40 هرچه بيشتر بهتر/ در حد راحتي و نداشتن درد {The longer the better / until you are comfortable and have no pain.}

Mohsen(01:08:07 جن و آل ها را بده به سنگ و خداي سنگ را جذب خودت کن {Give your Jeneis and the Aals to the stone, and absorb the God of that stone into yourself!}

Friend(01:09:07 اقاي خاتمي ايا واقعا اين ها رامابا ذهنمان بوجود مي اوريم .اين نظر من درست است{Mr. Khatami, Do we really create these beings with our minds? Is my view right?}
Mohsen(01:09:49 ذهن نيرويي عجيب است ولي ذهن و غيرذهن ازهم جدا نيستند/ بدن و ذهن يکي هستند/ دو روي يک سکه {Mind is a strange force, but mind and no-mind are not separate / body and mind are the same thing/ two sides of the same coin.}

Friend(01:10:35 راجب اين موجودات بقول انها غيرارگانيك پرسيدم {I asked you about these so called “Non- Organic” Beings!}
Mohsen(01:11:01 آن ها هم هستند و جدا از ما نيستند/ {These Beings also exist and are NOT separate from us!}

Friend(01:11:25 مي گفتند خداوند قبل ازاينكه انسان راخلق كند اين موجودات رابراي محافظت ازكائنات وطبيعت افريد {They would say, “Before God created Man, He created these beings for protection of the Universe and the Nature!”}
Friend(01:12:00 من اين نظر اخرتان برايم مبهم است {Your last statement is important for me.}
Friend(01:13:00 يعني چي جداازمانيستند {What do you mean “They are NOT separated from us”?}

Mohsen(01:13:39 در واحد کل کيهاني از ما جدا نيستند ولي با شما کاري هم ميتونند نداشته باشند { They are NOT separate from us, in the scale of Whole Unified Cosmos, but they can leave you alone, TOO!}

Friend(01:15:00 منظورشما اين است كه بستگي به خود مادارد كه اين موجودات رادعوت بكنيم يانه {Do you mean that it is up to us to invite such beings, or not?

Friend(01:17:20 ايا اين ها را ماباتفكراتمان قوي نمي كنيم. مگر نه اينكه خداوند انسان رااشرف مخلوقات قرارداه وازروح خودش درمادميده پس چگونه يك موجود خيالي كه قابل رويت ولمس ندارد مي تواند به يك انسان كه خودش يك خدا مي باشد اسيبي برساند {Do we not make them stronger by our thoughts? Are we not The Highest Creature of God, and God had breathed into us from His OWN SOUL? So how come an imaginary being, who cannot be seen and touched, can hurt a Man, who is God himself?

Mohsen(01:17:51 بخاطر ضعف او {For his weakness}
Mohsen(01:17:59 روي همه تاثيرات يکسان ندارند {They have no equal effect on everyone.}

Friend(01:19:25 يعني من دريك زمينه از3 سالگي ضعف داشتم كه طبق گفته اساتيد اين كلاس ان هامن رابه بيماري فلج اطفال مبتلا كرده اند {Means, according to the masters in this class, They have given me Polio?!!
Mohsen(01:19:50 گفته هاي آن اساتيد را بشنو ولي باور نکن {Hear what they say, BUT do not believe them.}

Mohsen(01:20:06 آن ها استتيد دکان دار هستند {They are ‘masters who are shop-keepers’!}
Friend(01:20:15 يا اينكه من دران سن چه اسيبي به طبيعت رساندم كه به اين بيماري مبتلا شدم {Or, as a 3 year old child, What harm did I do to Nature that I shall deserve this disease?!}

Mohsen(01:21:05 گفتم اصلش را باور نکن/ آن ها ويروس را هم جن و پري مي دانند {Told you: do not believe the base of it! They see viruses as Jennies and fairies}

Friend(01:21:44 براي من هنوز مبهم است كه اين موجودات واقعا دراطراف بعضي ازما ادمها هستند وبطريقي ماراازار ميرسانند. {For me it is still vague that such beings are really around some people and they hurt us in some ways}

Friend(01:22:16 يااينكه مادرذهنمان به انها خوراك ميرسانيم {Or, it is we who feed them in our minds?}
Mohsen(01:25:29 هردو {BOTH}

Mohsen(01:26:02 وجودشان از شما نيست ولي تغذيه شان با شماست{Their existence is not FROM you, but their feeding is your job!}
Friend(01:26:13 اقاي خاتمي مي تونم ازتون خواهش كنم راجع به اين مسئله برايم واضح ترتوضيح دهيد

Friend(01:26:28 وجودشان ازكجاست {Mr. Khatami, would you please explain more clearly about this problem? Where is their being FROM?}

Mohsen(01:26:39 الان نميتونم/ توضيح فايده زيادي نداره/ تمرين را انجام بده/ همين الان هم ميتوني {Right now I cannot = (Had 2 guest at home at that time!) {Explanation is of not much use/ do the practice/ even right now you can do it.}
Friend(01:27:12 الان درمحل كارم هستم{Right now I am at work!}

Mohsen(01:26:58 وجود تمام موجودات از عدم است و عدم = خدا

{Beings of ALL beings is from NON-BEING and NonBeing =God

Friend(01:28:24 اقاي خاتمي اين مدت بخاطر اين مسئله خودم بتنهايي خيلي درد كشيدم
Friend(01:28:43 وهنوز هم نمي توانم بكلي اين مسئله رافراموش كنم
Friend(01:29:01 جرات اين كه به كسي هم بگويم ندارم{Mr. Khatami, during this time, I have suffered much, alone, and still I cannot forget it, I do not dare to tell it to anyone, either.}

Friend(01:29:27 عدم ؟{NON-BEING?}
Mohsen(01:29:50 بله عدم= نيستي / مبدا هستي = وجود {Yes: Non-being =Void = Origin of being = BEING

Friend(01:30:34 يعني نيستي = هستي {Means Being = Non-being?}
Mohsen(01:30:50 بله در نهايت چنين است {Yes, ULTIMATELY it is so.}

Friend(01:31:53 اقاي خاتمي كتابي رانمي شناسيد كه به من معرفي كنيد تااين مسئله برايم روشن شود{Mr. Khatami, Do you know a book, to make this clear?}
Mohsen(01:32:40 الان نه ولي مي پرسم و برات لينک ميذارم در نت هست{Not now, but I ask and leave link for you/ it is there, on the net.}

Friend(01:33:32 انها ميگفتند اين كه درسال 2 باربيماري بمدت 1 ماه به من حمله ميكند وگوشت كتف مرابصورت گزگزهاي شديد ازار ميدهد وسپس شروع به تحرير عضله ميشوم .كاران موجودات ميباشد {They used to say that “this disease will attack you twice a year and my right shoulder would hurt by intense tingling and then the muscle atrophy will set in….this is the work of those beings”!}

Mohsen(01:34:50 تحت تاثير اين گفته ها نباش و دل را به ياد خدا مشغول کن {Do not be affected by such sayings and make your heart busy with the remembrance of God.

Friend(01:35:46 ذهن فضولم نمي گذاردبي خيال اين مسئله شوم {My ‘nosy mind’ does not allow me to let go of this problem!}
Friend(01:36:02 دلم مي خواهد برايم اين موضوع كاملا بازشود{I like to completely grasp this subject.}

Mohsen(01:36:06 فضوليش را تغذيه نکن {Do not feed its ‘nose’!}
Mohsen(01:36:16 به موقعش ميشه ولي فعلا خودت را تقويت کن {IT WILL be clear, on its own time. YOU MAKE yourself strong, for the time being.

Mohsen(01:36:50 خودت را سرزنش نکن == انرژي هدر نده/ سنگ را روزي دو سااعت اقلا مصرف کن {Do NOT BLAME YOURSELF = Do not waste energy/ USE the stone, at least two hours a day.}
Friend(01:38:06 باشه چشم ازراهنمايي شما نهايت سپاسگزاري رادارم. به خدا توكل مي كنم وسعي مي كنم اين موضوع رافراموش كنم {OK, infinite gratitude for your guidance. I trust God and try to forget this subject.}

Friend(01:39:54 انشاالله خدا كمكم كند كه دوباره به حال خوب برسم {May God help me to regain my good mood.}

Mohsen(01:40:14 بله نقش خدا و خودت را در اين ميان دست کم نگير و هيچ نگران نباش/ خودش چاره ساز است {Yes, Do NOT under estimate the Role of God and yourself and do not worry at all.}
Mohsen(01:40:26 اگر بخواهي و نترسي حتما خواهي رسيد {IF you WANT and FEAR NOT, You will reach, DEFINITELY.}

Friend(01:40:35 شما رابه خداوند يكتا مي سپارم وروز خوبي رابرايتان ارزومندم {I leave you with the One God and wish you a good day.}
Mohsen(01:41:07 تشکر/ بزودي موفق خواهي شد/ نگرانش نباش {Thank you/ Soon you will succeed/ Do not worry about it.}

Mohsen(01:41:11 سنگ را درياب {Find/USE the stone}
Friend(01:42:03 ممنون وسپاسگزارم {Thank you and my gratitude

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Meher Baba on “Service”

Jay Baba…. this was written on the board in the dining hall in Hostel D….. Wish we can use it….
Meher Baba on Service
” A word that gives courage to a drooping heart,
or a smile that gives hope and cheers in the midst of gloom,
has as much a claim to be regarded as SERVICE,
as onerous sacrifices and heroic self-denial.”

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… if TELLING was as easy as ACTING…..

Jay Baba… in reponse to the post titled ‘Friend or Enemy?’, i received a few + + responses, which mostly say ‘Baba is in lies and dirt’ as well! In theory it IS true, but what is the practical implication of such ‘slogans’?!…. So i wrote the following, as a general response and a specific PRACTICAL suggestion!

Jay Baba dear ALL
i find it amusing how some people can tell what they have heard from Baba!
(if TELLING was as easy as ACTING, this world would have been a better palce!)

Just for those who SAY ‘Baba is in OBL or GWB or SAKh or…..’ , (i name them but they say it in general terms!) i suggest that they look and find those people whom they do not like or dislike (or hate!) and find Baba in them…..

i AM doing it here and it is much FUN!
Jay Baba

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