Celeberating Mani’s Birthday 2006, in Meherabad

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Jay Baba…….What a day? At 10 am the ‘old’ dining hall was full of His lovers, many ‘senior ones’ (who had been with Mani MANY years); to share their funny and wonderful stories with the incredible Manije! Two hours of humor, laughter and wisdom, ending with a video from her, telling some real funny story, about a play they have performed in front of Baba. Then with our wonderful ‘universal queen’, my ‘guest’ and me went to Nagar to attend an ‘engagement ceremony’, just outside the city…. Had a good time, typical ‘hot’ (for us!) Indian food for lunch and came back on time to hear Bhauji talk about Mani and ‘other stories’!

Good tea, no cake (strangely! Because usually there is some refreshment, but NOT on this Blessed DAY!) Met some new and familiar faces again and had a good music by Cindy Ji and Debbi Ji and Madhur sang a touching Jazz-Blues song with his guitar….

Went to use the washroom and my dear sister Debjani was working in her spacious office (an EX- 4 beds room!) She runs and manages a program for those who wish to offer their voluntary services for the family of Baba (Includes the WHOLE humanity, I suppose!) Filled out the form while Bhauji was talking (some of the stories I had heard before!) Was thinking to UPDATE my ‘services’ in my dedicated blog and might just do so, SOON! Will have to use/edit the ‘form’ she gave me this evening, to update it…..

So much piled up work waiting and new Yahoo messenger friends are added…. May Baba give enough energy to handle it.

Jay baba


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