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Notice +Law of Karma and our decisions = قانون کردار و تصمیم های ما

سلام/ هنوز نیم ساعت به سه شنبه مانده به وقت مهرآباد. اتفاقات بسیار جالبی افتاد امروز که قدری را نوشته ام و بزودی منتشر می کنم.
Peace, today was so eventful and exciting and wonderful. have written some and will publish soon, after final edit.
Please, just in case, if someday, you see a post here that i have deleted all the content of this blog, do NOT BELIEVE it.
i am not going to delete this blog and any ‘evaporation’ of me, from the earth , or from the wonderfulwww, can only be explained by the practice of the Ancient Law of Jungle, by those who do not like the REAL Message of Meher Baba (love and service) reaches deep and far, into Iran, Baba’s own land.
اگر روزی در اینجا خواندید که من به قصد تمام محتوای بلاگ را حذف کرده ام لطفاٌ باور نکنید.

من قصد حذف این بلاگ را ندارم و اگر چنین اتفاقی افتاد تنها قانون توجیه گر آن همان قانون قدیمی جنگل است که در این دنیای واقعی نت هم شاید حاکم باشد!
امیدوارم که هرگز چنین نشود ولی محض احتیاط عرض کردم که اگر روزی شنیدید که بنده از فرط بی پولی یا بی عشقی و یا هر علت دیگر دست به خودکشی زده ام، لطفا هرگز باور نکنید. بنده هرگز چنین قصدی ندارم/ و نخواهم داشت. البته ” تصادفات” همیشه می توانند رخ بدهند

ولی بسیاری هم “ساختگی” هستند و اگر قرار باشد چنین “ساخته شوم” بگذار که ساخته شوم
می گویند “سر که نه در راه عزیزان بود/بار گرانی است کشیدن به دوش” بگذار اینان با رها کردن ما از این “بارگران”، طبیعت واقعی خودشان را بیشتر و بیشتر به تماشاچیان و مخاطبین نشان بدهند.

بزودی بیشتر می نویسم
شاد باشید
زنده باد بابا.
: Law of Karma

Today, in each moment, I will witness the choices I make.

And in the mere witnessing of these choices,
I will bring them to my conscious awareness.

The best way to prepare for any moment in future,
is to be fully conscious in the present.

Whenever I make a choice, I ask myself two questions:

“what are the consequences of this choice that I am making?” &

“Will this choice bring fulfilment and happiness to me

and also to those who are affected by this choice?”

I will ask my heart for any guidance and am guided

by its messages of comfort or discomfort.

If the choice feels comfortable, I will plunge ahead with abandon,

If the choice feels uncomfortable, I will pause and see

the consequences of my action with my inner vision.

This guidance will enable me to make spontaneously correct choices

Activities for the Seven days of the week

Remind yourself of the following reminders, many times during each day.

& see how the dreams come true.

An essence from : “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:

A Practical Guide to the Fulfilment of Your Dreams”

By Dr. Deepak Chopra

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Happy Sunday

سلام/ یکشنبه ی شما با توانایی و خوشی!
راستی صحبت از توانایی شد: تجربه ی خود من این بوده است که احساس ناتوانی و ضعف یکی از اساسی ترین و شاید هم اساسی ترین سبب افسردگی باشد. وقتی که ناتوان بودم بسیار افسرده بودم. شکر که گذشت
ولی الان که احساس می کنم که توانم سبب “تسکین” می شود، بسیار سپاسگزارم از بابا که لطفش را همیشه شامل حال من داشته است.پیام زیر را امروز صبح از خواهر عزیزی از مراکش داشتم که مربی یوگا و… است به هماره داستانی زیبا از الهامات معجزه گون مهربابا که اگر بشود آن را در آینده خواهم نوشت: ترجمه ی بخش مربوط آن نامه چنین است:”خبررساندن از خودت و مهرآباد را ادامه بده، بسیار تسکین بخش است! با مهر، سرعت خداوند را نگه دار اودیل”

Peace to all lovers…. Happy Sunday with Potency and cheerfulness!
talking about ‘potentiality’, my own experience has been that whenever i have felt ‘weak’ and ‘unable’ (to do what i like to do!), i felt depressed. Thanks to Baba that i am busy now, doing what i like, NOT depressed anymore!
This morning ad a letter from a sister from Moroco, telling a wonderful story of Baba’s grace on one of her stydents. hope i cna tell it here, someday. Receiving fine feedback, like what i got with her letter, following, is always encouraging and delighting.

HOW can i keep pace with His SPEED?, will run my best…….

“Keep on giving me news about yourSELF & about Meherabad,
it is very soothing! with Metta Keep God’s speed ODILE”

So now i post the Sunday Law here, wishing i can change the format of this blog, so the cyclic/periodic texts like the following is separate from the daily posts.
Jay Baba, in His presence and Grace

Sunday :Law of Absolute Potentiality

Getting in-touch with the field of pure potentiality.

The seed is within.

Be silent, just be.

Silent Sitting : twice a day, minimum 30 minutes

To commune with nature:

watching the wonderful intelligence within every living being.

Use all senses to feel the field where is The Source of ALL fields:

Pure Potentiality.

Receive Your Own Creativity from The Source.

Be non-judgmental:

start the day by saying:

“Today, I Shall judge nothing that occurs.”

I remind myself of the above reminder, many times during the day .”

An essence from : “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:

A Practical Guide to the Fulfilment of Your Dreams”

By Dr. Deepak Chopra

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from Dalai Lama

سلام/ امروز بسیار جالب بود و زود گذشت/ شاید فردا در موردش بنویسم/ امشب این پیام را از لیستی که از عشاق بابا دریافت می کنم انتخاب کردم و اینجا می گذارم تا سرفرصت ترجمه کنم. گفتنی زیاد و وقت محدود….. تا بزودی… زنده باد بابا

Peace, today was wonderful… more than any other day…. will write more about it tomorrow.
for now, i selected this message from Dalai Lama, from a list i receive from Baba lovers,
which expresses my own situation here, and i AM grateful for it.
Thank you ALL those who love me and those who hate me,

Tonight at the party one ‘baba-lover’, a ‘senior’ too, told me very revealing thing:
that i am not even ‘worth hating, only disliking’!!
Wow, i just had to tell him that it shows even a very deep hatred,
a ‘coward’ hatred of course, because conditioned mind feels guilty of
‘hatred’ and when it feels it VERY STRONGLY, it covers it up with
‘sweet soft words’, like ‘disliking’!
( same feeling in different garb!)
The following from Dalaiji can be a good answer for these few ‘poor souls’, deprived of courage and compassion:, enjoy…… Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

“Now, there are many, many people in the
world, but relatively few with whom we interact,
and even fewer who cause us problems.
So, when you come across such a chance for
practicing patience and tolerance, you should

treat it with gratitude. It is rare. Just as
having unexpectedly found a treasure in your
own house, you should be happy and grateful
to your enemy for providing that precious

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Happy Saturday = شنبه ی خوش با رعایت قانون آن

سلام/ یکی از دوستان میخواست بداند که چرا مقدار متن فارسی به اندازه ی انگلیسی نیست؟
بهتر است عرض کنم که نوشته ها و متن هایی که اینجا می آید بر دو نوع هستند: یکی نوشته های بنده و سایر عاشقان مهرباب__ می تواند به دو زبان باشدا، مثل همین نوشتار ! و دیگری گفتارهای مهربابا که بازهم به دو زبان خواهد بود در حد ماشین ترجمه ی بنده!
Peace, one of our new visitors asked why Farsi text is not as much as the English text (volumewize, he meant!) it is better to clear this point now that as the description of this blog says, it is a ‘personal weblog’, in two languages and the CONTENT is of two types: one type like this post, my own writings and also other ‘Baba-lovers’ (a VERY BROAD term, ranging from heaven to earth!) and the second type is Avatar Meher Baba’s words of love and wisdom, which is again in its original English and Some persian translations, as much as my translation-machine permits!
So, there is NO fixed rule or any specific criteria for HOW MUCH English/Persian text appear in this blog. Just to keep a balance, i switch to the ‘other’ channel, and the best the readers can do is just to escape the ‘other language’ and read in their own tongue!
بنابراین، هیچ قاعده و قانون خاصی نیست که چقدر متن از فارسی باشد یا انگلیسی. فقط برای نگهداشت نوعی تعادل، بنده به فراخور حال، “کانال” را عوض می کنم و بهترین کاری که خوانندگان عزیز می توانند بکنند این است که خط دیگر را دنبال نکنند و به زبان مورد علاقه شان بخوانند./ ضمنا من حرف های خودم را دقیقاٌ ترجمه هم نمی کنم و فقط مفاهیم را به نوعی دیگر می رسانم.
Today was another wonderful day, starting at the Tomb!
Seeing new Irani-faces and others was indeed a good feeling.
Went for the light breakfast to MPC and talked to a sister about his ’emotional load’ carrying it all the way back home, while he can drop it right here and become free from it!
If it was a ‘positive’ load, i would NOT mind and he would not mind either! But the fact is that the ‘load’ is negative! That is the ‘question’!
Why carry it with him?
So i hope he and his ‘colleagues’, or ‘playmates’ in this ‘childish-hatish’ game read these lines and go deeper into the REAL reason why they hate me?
it is VERY good for them and even if i act as a ‘detergent’ for their hearts, it is my blessing, but are they willing to use it or willing to ‘dump’ it, that is NOT my concern!
امروز یک روز با شکوه دیگر بود که در حین ترک خانه، با دمیدن خورشید نارنجی رنگ آغاز شد و هنوز هم ادامه دارد. … فعلاٌ این را پست می کنم تا بعد ادامه دهم…… will write more later, have some guests over now…

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Law of Dharma قانون شنبه ها = برای چه آمده ام؟

Saturday : Law of Dharma

Today, I will lovingly nurture the deepest core of my being:

My Soul.

I will pay attention to the Spirit within me:

the Energy that animates my Body and my Mind.

I will awaken myself to this Deep Stillness, within my heart.

I will carry the consciousness of Timeless, Eternal Being,

in the midst of Time-bound Experience.

I will make a list of my Unique Talents.

Then I will list all the things that I love to do while expressing my Unique Talents.

When I express my unique talents and use them in The Service of Humanity,

I lose track of time and create abundance in my life,
as well as in the lives of Others.

From today, every day, I ask myself :
”How Can I Serve?” / “How Can I Help?”

The answers to these questions will allow me to help &

serve my fellow Human Beings, with love.

Activities for the Seven days of the week

An essence from : “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:

A Practical Guide to the Fulfilment of Your Dreams”

By Dr. Deepak Chopra

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True Religion& ‘detachment’ by Baba =دین واقعی از دیدگاه مهربابا

All Mehr Baba ‘s words are copyright of AMBPPCT, Avatar Meher Baba perpetual public charitable trust/ with heartly appreciation.Using the content of/linking to this site is free, with the mention of The Trust as the copy right holder.

True religion consist of developing that attitude of mind
that would ultimately results in seeing one infinite Existence prevailing throughout the universe, when one can live in the world and yet be not of it;
and at the same time, be in harmony with everyone and everything,
when one can attend to all worldly duties and affairs and yet feel completely detached to all results; when one can see the same divinity in art and science, and experience the highest consciousness and indivisible bliss in everyday life. (MMB 83-84)

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Toughest/darkest Timeصبر کافی و روشنایی آفتاب =

Just now, Saeed, 24, a new net-friend from Tehran, asked me
(via Yahoo messenger) when was my ‘hardest = toughest time’ in my life, and i instantly relied
‘six months ago, just before i came to Mehr Baba….
Wow, yes, those were the darkest moments of my life, just ‘BEFORE THE DAWN’.
If i can only name ONE quality, helping me to reach His Daman, it is the PATIENCE i have developed over the years, on this path of love.
Thanks to Baba and Mani and Mehera and ALL others who made this possible!
Jay Baba, be Happy and Worry Not, as our Beloved Baba says…..
سلام/ همین الان سعید از تهران از طریق یاهوپیامبر پرسید که سخت ترین دوران عمرم کی بوده است؟ بی درنگ برا یش نوشتم
“قبل از آمدنم پیش بابا= حدود 6-7 ماه پیش”” بله …واقعاٌ مانند تاریکترین لحظات نیمه شب
و درست قبل از طلوع بود. و معمولاٌ هم چینین است.
و اگر یک کیفیت باشد که بتوانم آن را در رسیدن به آفتاب موثر بدانم،
همان صبر و شکیبایی است که بقدر کافی داشته ام
با تشکر از ناخدا و منیژه خواهر عزیزش و مهرای عزیز و سایر نزدیکان و عشاق بابا که این زندگی را اینگونه در اینجا و اینک محقق ساخته اند
شاد باشید… بزودی مقداری دیگر از بابا به فارسی ترجمه خواهم کرد و در اینجا خواهم آورد..

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Save Pasargad نجات پاسارگاد/ نامه به یونسکوُ

این را همینحالا دریافت کردم و برای آگاهی دوستان و اقدام می آورم. موفق باشیم

This i found now in my inbox and post it for now.

Jay Baba
Please save pasargad

Lotfan Pasargad raa nejaat dahid

Please copy and paste this letter and send to UNESCO


Fax:33-1-45 68 55 96

To: Mr. Koïchiro Matsuura,



Dear Sir,

Following the letter of International Committee to Save the Archeological Sites of the Pasargad Plains to you, dated 10/10/2005, and since you have ignored our request for acting to stop this horrendous act of cultural catastrophe, I would like to bring this case to your attention once again. The time is short. The dam will begin its operations at the beginning of February 200 6 and your active response to this situation is highly recommended and expected by all responsible members of the human society


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Law of Thursdays= Law of Intention پنج شنبه روز قانون قصد و نیت بر عاشقان شاد باشد

Jay Baba
almost it is Friday, here, up The Hill
Have a wonderful day and here is the Law of the day

Thursday: Law of Intention

I will make a list of my Intentions and Desires.

I carry the list wherever I go.

I will look at it before going to my silence and meditation.

Every night, before I go to sleep, I look at it.

When I wake up from the sleep, I look at it again.

I will release this “List of Desires”
and surrender it to the Womb of Creation,

trusting that when things do not seem to go my way,
there is a reason,

and that the cosmic plan has designs for me,

much more than even those which I have conceived.

Today, I will remind myself to practice “Present Moment Awareness”

in all my actions.

Today, I will refuse to allow obstacles to consume and dissipate
the quality of my attention in the Present Moment.

I will accept the present as it is, and manifest the Future through my deepest,
most cherished intentions and desires.

Activities for the Seven days of the week

An essence from : “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:

A Practical Guide to the Fulfilment of Your Dreams”

By Dr. Deepak Chopra

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How can i be ‘in trouble’, when Baba loves me and i love Baba?!

Jay Baba, This morning at arti, i saw them and felt like giving them the link to this blog, so they may read it and stop this ‘childish game’! But, instead, my act of giving a piece of paper, IN SILENCE, to another ‘Babalover’, in a place where many other communications are allowed, was interpreted as ‘self-promotion’ and for that, i should be ‘in trouble’, as he ‘warned’ me this morning!! i asked him at breakfast that would he be happy if i am in trouble?!! and he could not answer and i asked him to think about it and answer later, any time.

Why some people want to hurt me, at Baba’s place, based on their own conditioned and narrow minds? As Baba suggests in His prayers, it can only be out of ‘selfishness’ and ‘hatred’….. these people are not aware that Baba had brought me here, trained and prepared for my specific ‘missions’ or ‘jobs’ = interpersonal communication and mass media. This post is the witness to it and if these less than 1% of the whole population, including the natives, have ANY objections, they can complain to Baba and ask Him to remove me from this earth!

These ‘minorities are ALWAYS present, at any age in history, and as Beloved Baba says about them, i shall be thankful to them, because ‘they make your work important’, unconsciously!(not exact qouting)

So, i thank all of you, including those who hate me!
i love you anyway and see Baba in each one of you, even if you think that i am a hypocrit and had come here for ‘something else‘ (your own mental projections.)
Thankfulness to Beloved Baba who made this possible.

in His love and service

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