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Are We Humane Enough?

Dhamma is never unjust…

2004/11/2002 / 01:44 PM

… yes it is a reality and not the TRUTH. Sad, but a ‘reality’!
they have deleted me from their list and my translations will never be published in Iran (with the same regime!) apparently the popular Raaz (Osho on Sufism) has caused Osho’s books to be banned from publication and reprint-permits for the last six months and ‘they’ think i am the cause of it. They even think that i wanted the book cover to have a picture of Osho, while i had NO role in it and i had not seen any drafts before actual publication.
But they see me ‘responsible’ for it!!!!!!!!!

What to do? He gave me very clear direct warning that they may do ‘legal’ things and with ‘one phone call’, i can be ‘deported’ very easily without ANY Human Right Issue! This is India! Yes, this is a sad reality too. But where can you live? On the OCEANS?, as Osho suggested! Is there any place where you can tell the truth and face not the harsh consequences? I guess not? Do you see anywhere on this globe?

So that is why, we need to come up with a ‘new plan’ to go on doing the same thing without involving osho here.(directly).

Human ‘laws’ can be ugly and cruel, yet Dhamma is never unjust. We shall see which ‘law’ prevails. Making money and becoming powerful in establishment is ‘legal’ but spreading the uncensored words of Osho is a ‘sin’, with grave ‘punishments’! But i do not want to be a ‘sinner’ anymore to face the punishment. It is Not the time yet.

So as Raghu said, i make it into a ‘meditation’ and use this ‘passive nature’ of mine more deeply. Now i need to make basic changes in my life style and am grateful to them who made me do it by warning! Of course we just met by pure synchronization and only a ‘divine plan’ for me to get the point, BEFORE it was too late! Like the ‘print job the other day!

Ok. I surrender to the Will of existence, Amrito being one part of it!…

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Myth vs. Facts = Amazing documentary

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2007 and Iranian people suffering by the stupid ones!

The cartton is posted above!!!

Jay Baba all… Merry His birthday…..wonderful times here in Meherabad, in various aspects…..Thanks to The Captain……wish had more time to write more….. the following is a post i HAD TO WRITE, about my other blog (NewTune4NewMan) (someone is posting there, not me!) and before that, i post this cartoon which is very FRESH, for the season….. As i read the news, 2007 will be a ‘tough’ time for Iranians in Iran, the sanctions will make people suffer MORE than now….This cartoon expresses how some ‘stupid’ people can make others suffer….
Jay Baba

who is posting here?

Jay Baba, PLEASE! i did not post the previous post EITHER!!! Strange, even when i changed the password, still SOMEONE out there can post into this blog, WITHOUT my permission and consent! Please do not do so!
Thank you!

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The Top Ten World’s Worst Dictators At Present

8/25/2006 /4:28 PM
Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuu.. Speaking of the ‘BIG people’, these BIG egos MUST be on the TOP list, otherwise they would not ruin their lives being dictators! Of course these are only the ‘exposed’ ones, many other BIG ones are carrying other ‘titles’ (heads of the powerful states, corporations, etc!)

Since # 9 is somehow relates to me (my homeland is ‘occupied’ by him and his stupid followers!) I list them ALL, here.

See how I can ‘create’ ‘powerful’ enemies from other countries, as well?!

Please NOTE the word ‘power’ in all these (and other) ‘ego/mind cases’ ! And also the word ‘worse’! There must be hundreds of ‘less bad’ dictators around; and may be millions, when it comes to the ‘house-hold’ level!

1. Omar AlBashir, Sudan, in power since 1989
2. Kim Jong-il, North Korea, in power since 1994
3. Than Shwe, Burma, in power since 1992
4. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe, in power since 1980
5. Islam Karimov, Uzbakestan, in power since1990
6. Hu Jinato, China, in power since 2002
7. King Abbdullah, Saudi Arabia, in power since 1995
8. Saparmurat Niyazov, Turkmenistan, in power since1990
9. Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Iran, in power since 1989
10. Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equatoria Guinea, in power since1979

Interesting enough 4 out of 10 (40%) are ‘Moslems’, ONLY by the name of course, not by ‘definition’ (a Muslim is one who is peaceful and submits to the Will of Allah and no one is hurt by him/her!)

The source is Hindustan Times, Aug.21.2006

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HOW can they peaceful?!

Found some funny pictures and like to share….
Demonstration in Tehran: do not believe what you read ,
like the incorrect spelling, the statement is incorrect!
they do not know what ‘peace’ is, HOW can they peaceful?!

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international petition: appeal for freedom in Iran

received this mail just now and cannot just archive it, without posting it here. i have signed the petition and invite all those who respect Higher Values in Life, to sign it……… Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dear friends around the world

Abed Tavancheh and Yashar Ghajar are young active scientists at the university of Amir Kabir in Teheran, and free journalists, who had established a weblog/journal on internet and reported on the student revolts in Teheran against the “fascist” (exactly expressed) government of Ahamdinejad in Iran. The journal edited by them was called “Human, Justice, Truth”. They have been imprisoned since 1 month now, with no juridical manifest reason and have been cross-examined under extreme conditions and tortured. At the present according to our contacts to Evin jailhouse in Teheran and the student/scientists movement committee in Teheran they are in very bad health condition.

We have been now informed that a list of over hundreds of further students and scientist has been communicated by the Intelligence Service of the Iranian Government, further people who are subject to intensive investigations. We are expecting a next wave of mass arrests of students and scientists at Teheran Universities within the next weeks, including again many journalists and other intellectuals.

Please kindly forward this petition mail to your friends, we need every signature.and join the petition yourself calling for release of the prisoners Abed Tavancheh, Yashar Ghajar, and all Iranian students/scientists/journalists imprisoned by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran through:

If any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to reply.

Many cordial thanks for your support by mediating this mail to friends and joining the petition.

Dr. Sam Vaseghi

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Free Mana Neyestani& Meherdad Ghasemfar

Jay Baba, What a non-sense! just got the news that Mana is arrested…. Do not know who is Meherdad Ghasemfar (another journalist perhaps/ Editor of the paper?) but i always liked Mana’s art of caricaturing! These days, to divert the attention of people from their ‘real’ problem, the mullas are into another ‘typical’ mischief: the Azaries protest against an article in Iran Newspaper….first, I also though that there is ‘something’ (an intentional insult to the Turks in Iran), but when I saw the actual cartoon and got the context this morning, I see that this is JUST an excuse! A ‘good excuse’ to revenge and harm the people! Because Mana’s art, have been always very expressive, SHARP, AND at the service of LIGH = LOVE (naturally against the ‘dark forces’!)

This is the price one pays for being a ‘truthful artist/journalist’ in that ‘occupied land of Persia’! This makes me apublish something I wrote a long time ago, when Zahra Kazemi, another truthful journalist, was murdered by that ‘Judge’, in a most brutal inhuman fashion, inside Evin prison in Tehran! It is VERY emotional, that is why I did not publish it so far, but why not now?! Have saved it ‘as a draft’ in one of my blogs and will post it asap. Following is from + some editing…….

درباره ماجرای کاریکاتور روزنامه ایران و اتفاقات پیرامونش …
…. به نظر من آن چیزی که در این روزها کسی از آن نمی گوید مانا
نیستانی و مهرداد قاسمفر است ! و هرکس با توجیح خودش ! حکومت ایران که اصلا دل خوشی
از روزنامه نگاران ندارد و الان سعید مرتضوی میدانم که ته دلش دارد غنج می رود که
بالاخره دلیلی پیدا کرد که مانا را که بسیار از کاریکاتورهای وی همه میدانیم حضرات
شاکی بودند بازداشت کند و همینطور مهرداد … هر دوی این عزیزان الان قربانی بیش از
دو دهه بایکوت اقوام ایرانی شده اند ، همه میدانیم که در این کاریکاتورها
عمدی در کار نبوده است.
این عین واقعیت کار روزنامه نگاری است ، آنهم در کشور
مثل ایران ، یادش بخیر اولین روزی که می خواستم بروم در بهار بنویسم و کارم را در
آن روزنامه شروع کنم پور عزیزی که واقعا عزیز است گفت سند خانه کنار گذاشتی
؟! این روزنامه نگاری است هرچقدر هم که احتیاط کنی هر چقدر هم که هواست
به همه چیز جمع باشد یکهو می بینی یکی از یه جایی حالا یا دولتی است و یا یکی
از همان آدمهای حرفه ای و همیشه ناشناخته شاکی می شود . بهانه ای دست و پا
میشود و جنجالی برپا . اصلا کاری به روزنامه نگاران حرفه ای و یا سیاسی نویس
ندارم مگر نم نبات و بچه های دانشجوی پلی تکنیک در نشریه موج سیاسی کار بودند
؟ داستانی نوشتند و یادتان هست که موجی به یکباره در کل ایران به پا شد ! و
تا پای اعدام خیلی ها می خواستند آن بچه ها را بکشند و یا مگر یادمان رفته آنچه که
بر سر هفته نامه ” خانه ” آمد ؟ من گرچه به تمام حساسیتهای این روزهای هموطنان آذری
زبانم احترام میگذارم و با آنان همدردی هم می کنم و تمام آنچه که این روزها بر این
عزیزان میگذرد را محکوم میکنم اما اینرا هم می دانم و شک هم ندارم که مانا
روحش هم خبر نداشت که استفاده از اصطلاحی روزمره، که همه می گویند و این
روزها دیگر متعلق نیست به گویش خاصی در کشور بهانه ای بشود برای این اتفاقات
. مانا تا همین‌جایش هم بیش از آن‌چه باید، تاوان پس داده است. تمام
آنچه که این روزها دارد انجام می شود یک داستان طنز تلخ و یا سیاه است ! عده ای در
صدد تخلیه تمام بغض های فرو خورده خویش هستند و عده ای دیگر نیز از سر بی اطلاعی
بازیچه جنجال آفرینان و عده دیگری هم بساط معرکه گسترده اند و در صدد تسویه حسابهای
خویش این بوده بدشانسی مانا و سردبیر. نمی خواهم دچار توهم توطئه بشوم و
دشمن دشمن بگویم ! ولی با خود میگویم همین چندی پیش سریالی از تلویزیون پخش
می شد که بیشترین اهانتها را به آذری زبانان ما میکرد و شخصیتهایش با لهجه
آذری چه ها میکردند ، چرا آن موقع به یکباره این اعتراضات شکل نگرفت ؟ و یا چرا
وقتی در فیلم سینمایی در همین جشنواره امسال که البته بسیاری هم اعتراض
کردند بسیار بدتر از این به آذری زبانان ما توهین شده بود صدای از جایی بر
نخواست ؟ چرا باید باز دوباره و مثل همیشه این روزنامه و روزنامه نگاران باشند که
هزینه نابخردی حاکمان را بدهند ؟
این روزها تبریز ، ارومیه ، زنجان ، اردبیل ،
نقده و همه آذری زبانان میهن پهناورمان ایران در تب و تاب هستند در
مقابل مجلس در خانه ملت قلع و قمع شان می کنند و در خانه هایشان هم به ضرب
باتوم و … با آنها بر خورد می کنند و دنیا صدای آذربایجان را شنیده
است و همه ما هم میدانیم که مشکل کاریکاتور مانا نیست ، و اصلا شاید
آحاد معترضین نه مانا را بشناسند و نه ایران جمعه را خوانده باشند و نه اصلا شاید
آن کاریکاتور را دیده باشند ، مشکل بسیار بزرگ‌تر از چند حرف لاتین ‌است که
مانا در دل کاریکاتوری نوشته است … مشکل در جای دیگری است که پیش از
این گفته ام !
پس، امروز وظیفه ماست که همه ما اعم از ترک و لر و کرد و
بلوچ و عرب ، همه ما ایرانیان ضمن اینکه در شکستن بغض آذری زبانانمان در
اینهمه جوری که بر آنها رفته است ، با آنها همراه شویم ، آزادی این دو
عزیز را نیز خواستار بشویم و بخواهیم تا روزنامه ایران را دوباره آزاد کنند تا حد
اقل این روزنامه نگاران فرصتی بیابند تا بتوانند از حق پاسخگویی در برابر آنچه که
این روزها پیش آمده استفاده کنند ….

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ZOROASTRANISM / A genetical solution for an inevitable problem

Thus spake Zarathushtra

“Teach us, Ahura Mazda, to live as comrades all,
in willing fellowship and loving fraternity,
in brotherly helpfulness and cooperation.
Inspire us, O’ Ahura Mazda to live in mutual understanding and trust and peace.”

The Parsis came as refugees to India in the 8th century and sought from the King Sanjan permission to settle in his kingdom. The story of the king’s permission was made into songs and recited in the form of Gujarati Garbas (group songs and dances) which were performed on numerous happy occasions. An English translation is given below:

Jadhav Rana issued a proclamation inviting all citizens to assemble in an open Maidan (meadow). Once the throne covered with rich drapes, the Raja took his seat. He was dressed in royal robes, wore a magnificent turban and embroider velvet slippers.
Ranged round him were his mounted bodyguards, dressed in white, holding glittering spears.

At the signal from Jadhav Rana, the Persian refugees were brought into the center of the assembly. Their frail old priest, holding a small Afarghan, with the sacred fire, was the spokesman for the group, through an interpreter.

“What is it you want from us, O’ strangers from a far-off land?”
Freedom of worship, Sir.” Replied the old priest.
“Granted. What else do you wish?
Freedom to bring up our young, in our own traditions and customs.”
“Granted. What else do you wish?
A small piece of land we could cultivate, so we may not be a burden to the people among whom we live.”
“Granted. In return, what will you do for the country of your adoption?”

The old priest asked for a brass bowl to be filled with milk and brought to the assembly. This was done. He then stirred a spoonful of sugar in the bowl and holding it up his trembling hands, asked:
“Does any man see the sugar in this bowl of milk?” all shook their heads.
“Sir!” said the priest, “we shall try to be like this insignificant amount of sugar in the milk of your human kindness.”

There were murmurs of approval from the crowd. Then, at a signal from the priest, all the refugees __men, women and children __ prostrated themselves full length on the ground. Each picked up a handful of earth and with tears streaming down their faces, they passed it to their eyes and foreheads.

Contributes by: Lt General A. M. Sethna ,(Retired)
Parsi Anjuman Dharmasala

JayBaba, thanks to the Raja Rana, who enjoyed the act of granting freedom,
yfully accepted the prostrations and helped the refugees!
Too sad the Parsi community here in India is NOT GROWING
and on the way to decline (genetically speaking!)
The best solution is the frequent marriages with
‘as far as possible genes’!
But who is going to tie the bell?!
Any idea/comment?!

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This 4w & freedom of expression

Jay Baba…. i rather post useful essential things, rather than the trivia, so the delay in posting is just due to this fact, and ‘other facts of life’! The following is a ‘fresh reply’ to an Irani sister, living abroad, who we recently met thru some Yahoo group i send my translaions to. Since it is related to my previous post/’favorite subject’, i post some parts of it here and welcome your feedbacks on this and other post…. more is cooking about other ‘vita; interesting topics’ (Italics are hers)

Dear friend …….Glad this English correspondence is useful for you, for me is, as well. please keep it up and if you let me i use some of your words in my blog………….

From those articles ,I only read one which was very interesting too,About different thought of different nations,whom are supposed to be free and liberated in the 21th century ,although we encountered condemn of those people ,as in Bahaee ,religion.

i am glad you see the point.

The largest of whom being astonished by some of wrong decisions of the Sects of the other religion such as moslems in Iran.

…….. or ‘extinct’ ?? or prosecuted? Yes, those mullas cannot tolerate anything that goes against their big sick egos!

Although we have to accept , it comes from benefits of politicians who made decisions to abolish those Bahaee ,……………

Yes and unfortunately, in Iran these days, the Politicians and the Priests are ONE nasty ‘body’!!

Anyway ,don’t take it wrong: I am not Bahaee either,but I had some Bahaee freinds when I was in central America,they were really friendly nice and well educated.One of them was the leader of the group of nine people ,and I had seen many pictures from Hifa in Israeel ,their temple and religious ceremonies,.

Yes, true. they are ‘highly cultured and very close to the ‘ultimate truth = LOVE’, much much closer to GOD than those who condemn/prosecute them!

In my opinion all the people are good ,this is us who think bad about the people ,so they are not responsible for the way we think about them.

Yes dear, this is called ‘right seeing’. Wish those in ‘worldly power’ also could see this, but as you know better, they are ‘blind and deaf’!

Oh I talked too much ,sorry about that and I wanted to mention this point that ,the article I have read there ,fascinated me so much in this case and it shows the reality in a way u accept the argumentation of the article.

Thank you dear, do you mean the Farsi article by M.Mir?
Yes, Freedom of expression has been always my way of life, in theory and in practice. i Thank the whole existence that we have this wwww (wonderful www!) to express ourselves and communicate with each other.

Yes, the first few sentences were in German , cuz I have seen the weblog about u in German language,may be it was because of my computer setting,.

thank you yet i would love to know if it was YOUR writing or the site introduction, or what else? if it was yours, i appreciate a translation!

Ok thanks alot again for what u sent to me,
sometimes my dictation and words which I used are not correct ,the reason is only mixing alot with German and French ,so forgive me for this case,I know I almost forget English but it is good to write in English .It is helpful.
Ok it is all for now,thanks again ,and bon weekend.Happy Easter, Happy smiles ,, Mojdeh,

Thank you dear one. i appreciate your being my friend and hope we communicate more often and if you let me i will post some of this mail to my blog, to encourage readers feedbacks……….
in His love and service

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Tibetan Indian, Iranian, American, African,,, children are ALL innocent beings needing support of all kinds

in a letter to a kind sister from Maui Hawaii, just wrote:

“………it is so peaceful and interesting here that i do not feel the need to go anywhere else! You know it since you have been in Nepal and felt the Buddhist vibrations….. here i meet very old monks, men and women, shaven heads, walking up and down the hills, looking very content, despite all the burdens of their simple lives. And the kids are even more fortunate because as i heard last night from a Zimbabwean sister, “Tibetan children and well looked after” (by the community) and it is only “the Indian children who need support”… That is why they have started a project called FUTURE CHILD, to help those kids in the nearly Dharmakot village…. i will go there for the volunteer work and then to see them at their school…. maybe my donation of some happy tunes could be of some ‘service.’

Yes dear, we all need your prayers for Peace…. Please feel the Iranian children and young generations in thirst of some ‘unfelt’ peace and security’…… ………..


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