international petition: appeal for freedom in Iran

received this mail just now and cannot just archive it, without posting it here. i have signed the petition and invite all those who respect Higher Values in Life, to sign it……… Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dear friends around the world

Abed Tavancheh and Yashar Ghajar are young active scientists at the university of Amir Kabir in Teheran, and free journalists, who had established a weblog/journal on internet and reported on the student revolts in Teheran against the “fascist” (exactly expressed) government of Ahamdinejad in Iran. The journal edited by them was called “Human, Justice, Truth”. They have been imprisoned since 1 month now, with no juridical manifest reason and have been cross-examined under extreme conditions and tortured. At the present according to our contacts to Evin jailhouse in Teheran and the student/scientists movement committee in Teheran they are in very bad health condition.

We have been now informed that a list of over hundreds of further students and scientist has been communicated by the Intelligence Service of the Iranian Government, further people who are subject to intensive investigations. We are expecting a next wave of mass arrests of students and scientists at Teheran Universities within the next weeks, including again many journalists and other intellectuals.

Please kindly forward this petition mail to your friends, we need every signature.and join the petition yourself calling for release of the prisoners Abed Tavancheh, Yashar Ghajar, and all Iranian students/scientists/journalists imprisoned by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran through:

If any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to reply.

Many cordial thanks for your support by mediating this mail to friends and joining the petition.

Dr. Sam Vaseghi

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