Using ‘non-loving’ women AGAINST God ( =Truth) in Iran.

Jay Baba, again i need to say that i am not involved in politics, only into ‘loving people’! It seems that these two are somehow OPPOSITES! when there is no ‘love’, there is only violence and poverty and all other ‘evils’! After Iran was ‘occupied’ by the ‘internal forces of hatred’ (1979), it gradually became totally victim to the leaders’ lust, greed and hatred…. following pictures and ‘news’ is the recent manifestation of this ‘occupation’.

Interesting enough, now they are using ‘non-loving’ women to fight against ‘loving’ ones who are for Truth and justice. { They know that men are too ‘scared’ to protest and women have more guts to stand for their rights.}

One of the men who had enough courage to stand up for the truth (even when he was a MP in the last parliment) and never left the people alone, is Ali Akbar Musavi Khoiniha, who has been captured in that demonstration.

A blog has beed dedicated for his freedom and i also gave a comment in it. Hope God will save the people against His enemies. We say that ‘whoever lies is the enemy of God’, and the ruling minority of Iran had proven that they are ‘the worse enemies of God’, so far! Because they say that they do all this, ‘for God’s sake’!

i put more pictures of this ‘shameful act of suppression’ in my photoblog, just for the sake of record. From the farthest galaxies to the streets of Tehran, everywhere is ‘God’s territory’, YET a few ignorant ones think otherwise!

Rough suppression of the women’s peaceful gathering in Tehran
The women’s gathering in” Hafte Tir ” circle in Tehran was severly suppressed by the Especial forces and security forces and more than 60 person is arrested .According to Advar news reporter from “Hafte Tire” circle in Tehran , the police forces , among them women police officers could be seen with green uniform and equipped with Batum and tear gas attacked the women in order to disperse them “

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