Baba is The Witness now = ‘unity of all life’

Jay Jay Baba…. speaking about the ‘separateness of ego’ and ‘unity of all life’ in the previous posts, just typed the following from an old magazine, The Avatar, Vol.2, July 5th, 1983, No.21….. Also, working simultaneously on my idea of having a new ‘mass media service’, these words of Baba gives us direction AND encouragement…. enjoy……

“On the path, the most important condition of discipleship is readiness to work for the spiritual cause of bringing humanity closer and closer to the realization of God.…. I have full confidence that you will, not only inherit it for yourselves the Truth which I bring, but also become enthusiastic and violent torch-bearers for humanity, which is enveloped in deep ignorance. Because of its supreme importance for the true and final well-being of humanity, spiritual work has a natural and imperative calim on all who love humanity…… The whole world is firmly established in the false idea of separeteness, and being caught up in illusion of duality; it is subject to all the complexities of duality, the spiritual worker have to redeem the world from the throes of imagined duality, by bringing home to it the truth of the unity of all life.”

Avatar Meher Baba KI JAY………..


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