AUM7/20/05, 8:34 AM, this planet K.

from a letter to professor Yahya Kamalipour ……….,

yet, as a student of Media (M.A.H., form Center for Media Study, SUNYAB, 1979) I like to share some views about the root cause of all these existing “conflicts”! If we up-grade ‘social responsibility’ into Human Responsibility, then in this small “village”, if we love Freedom of Press, as the New York Times reporter has rightly said, “we shall have our own medium.”! Attached I send you some of my ‘emotional/professional’ writings, just after the sept.11th, same year.The more it goes on, the more I see and feel the need to establish a “center” to “broadcast love” , as the MOTHER- emotion. At the present, we usually DO broadcast the “opposite Emotion”, HATE! So we can make a ‘shift’!A very “delicate shift” from hate to love is what we can design and implement. If you see any “reason” and solidity in these writings, please accept them as my offer to establish such a center on this earth, while we are “over” it.(not “under it”!)Still, I am sure that if we “postpone” and do not do it in this life, some other souls will do it, in future. The point is that we need such a “laboratory” to transform the basic emotion of hatred into its opposite, love!If I had enough material resources, I would create such a Media Lab, right here, in this planet K. If you know a ‘source” to support this project professionally AND financially, please let me know. I remember spending my last weeks and last dollars in NYC, spring 1979, on writing a “professional media project”, to create one dedicated INTERNATIONAL Instructional TV station, for “(Real!) Islamic values” (Peace , surrender , brotherhood , justice ……. all these “ideals”!). The project was initially approved by the responsible “brothers” in the Foreign Ministry, in 1979, but later, due to the of Battle for Power, none of these educational/instructional projects were given any chance to flourish. Instead they used the existing facilities for their own way of ‘ideological education’(exploitation!), which has been a sheer failure ever since! I have ideas about making radio/tv programs + live shows, to generate and broadcast positive energies to “balance out” the existing negative forces of terror, violence, lower desires and hatreds. This planet K, which I am living in, now, is an ideal place to start the project and as soon as it is established, it can “move” and be “mobile”!Waiting for your kind comments!Love:Mohsen khatami

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