Ego = separate-self vs. Love = The Self

Jay Baba…. we have this kind of ‘net-cussion’ (discusion on the net!) with a dear brother and his today’s email was very interesting and has key points to ponder upon…. it is ‘oven-fresh’ and revealing….. enjoy (the emphasis is mine!)

“….Love overcomes separateness / duality if it’s pure-perfect.
….What is this ‘individual self’ ? It is a false perception, a mere imagination or dream. Not real !!
As Baba says, the individual self…the perception of separate individuality, must be abandoned.
It is our attachment to the ‘separate self’ that stops us realizing that we are The Self, The Infinite Oneness.

…. God is not ‘somebody’ to please…..some sort of ultimate father-figure or authority-figure. God is a level of conciousness / awareness where one becomes aware that one is ALL, both formed and beyond form.

I’m not negating anything as long as it’s percieved as being part of The Oneness / ALL, rather than as a separate bit. The celebration is a celebration of The Indivisible Oneness / ALL that lies within each one of us……..Kabir’s Pearl that we must dive deep within to find and firmly grasp. If we make the required effort-sacrifice to do this then Baba-God will surely help us, but we are not doing it to ‘please Him’. We are merely returning to the home / bliss we once enjoyed, and then lost.

You can only fear or desire a person or God if you feel separate to them. The greater your fear or desire, the greater your feeling of separation (Baba talks about this), but it is the stupid
separative ego that fears and desires
. If we can just totally let go of our fears and desires, then the resulting feeling of separateness also goes. Separateness does not exist, it is just a conception or perception of the stupid separative ego-mind / body-senses.


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