A Mission Possible, technically and emotionally!

Jay Babaji…. today earlier i came to go back earlier! Tony Griss is in town and we will have an ‘extra satsang’ in Meher Prasad, to listen to his stories on Baba and the Mandalis…. see what i got from a brother regarding the technical aspect of my FUTURE DREAM! Hope to get more responses on VARIOUS aspect of this ‘Mission Possible’…… i feel the EMOTIONAL aspect (the HEART part of it to say YES to it!) is much more important than the technical side (the 100 kbps we have at Arangaon is enough for the time being)….more on this later….

“……I think you’re confused about the tech stuff.
You could have a Cray Supercomputer on The Hill but you still
couldn’t connect to the internet any faster than the local ISP
internet speed. This might be 512Kps on an actual phone line,
but is unlikely to be any more than about 80Kps via their mobile
network. In Thailand, and probably India, you can get a SIM card
that’s designed to go into a computer, rather than a mobile phone.
It lets you connect to the internet anywhere a mobile phone will work.
At about 80Kps it’s much faster than connecting via a mobile phone.
The main Australian ISP is putting in a mobile network that will allow
connections to the internet that are far faster than even cable.
(about 10MBps I think). It will make all other types of connection
seem like a bullock cart. Sooner or later Indian ISP’s will probably
do something similar.”

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