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Valley of The Saints…

HuuuuuBabaHuuuuuu…. good news of loving ON THE WAY….. i am working on them to MAKE THEM! what to do? it seems that this blog is a ‘one man show’, BUT it does not satisfy me and i am after making others INVOLVED! Sorry i cannot ‘announce’ it now, since it is being ‘cooked’ in a ‘slow cooker’ to keep the nutritious AND the flavor….if this ‘meal’ is as delicious as my usual cooking, then it IS a GOOD news of loving, indeed! for now i just post a few pictures which i took with my mobile phone, making up for so much ‘text’…..

Shivani and her brother Raju, with their ‘poor toy’! They play so affectionaly and sometime SO ‘roughly’ with the kitten that i feel sorry for it sometime. Yet they feed it and kiss it and give their various emotions to the ‘living toy’!

Below are sister Raju and her children, familiar faces for Baba-lovers in Delhi. They live with the family in Baba-Center and maintain and protect the property. i spend sometimes in the evenings with them and the whole family love me very much, i feel.

This one i received yesterday from dear brother Darryl Smith, USA. We went last year, (November?) with a lovely group of us, to see the Alora caves and the Valley of The Saints…..First in the small size in gmail, i saw only the old structure and the land. Today after he asked me if i liked the photo, i saw it in a bigger scale and saw that ‘dot’, sitting on the Holy Land, waving to them…..

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more ‘key’ figures

Alen( in pink shirt) the man who ‘rules’ the kitchen!

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what a dining hall! Chi Sakhte!!

wish you have some meals there, someday!


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Heather and Ted, two of the ‘key’ personalities in Meherabad

May be they do not know how much i love and respect them…. there are MORE ‘key’ figures which the pictures do not show…. they work in silence and keep the place running smoothly….

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Meheru Irani, Baba’s mandali, Happiest of all!

She must be very happy, more than anyone, since she has been with Baba from the early days of Meherabad, where it was NOT like this AT ALL!! (she is the second from the left)


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Main Enterance, MPR


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Ted Judson, The Architect, and his wife Janet

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Pictures from the New Meher Retreat in Meherabad

Jay Baba….today will be also 8+ hours of sitting here in this cyber cafe…. just received the link for these pictures…. Opening of the Meher Pilgrim Retreat , on June 15th 2006…. i missed the celebration, but seeing the pictures are so wonderful….. see them in my photoblog:


Thanks to Homyar Mistry (Homz) who took the pictures and dear Frank who sent the info to Baba list and…. all who made this possible!

i have more good news for you but will reveal them later…..

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A reminder for ALL ‘Baba workers’

And see what i have found? Just typed and post it for all of us, who by nature are ‘forgetful’!
So let us NOT FORGET that the goal of ‘working for Baba’ is NOT to make our egos FAAAATTTTTTER than what already is, but it is ‘draw closer’ to Him and become ‘dust’! (Easy to say/write it, but when it comes to action? Pride and Anger does not allow!!

“The more you work for me, the less important you feel in yourself. You must always remember that I alone do my work… I allow you to work for me, so that you have the opportunity to use your talent and capacities selflessly and so draw closer to Me. You should never think that in your work for Me, you are benefiting others, for by being instrumental in bringing others to Me, you are benefiting yourself.”

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The ‘juice’ of Bhau’s recent message!

Jay Baba to all…. just received Bhauji’s Message for the Opening of Meher Pilgrim Retreat at Meherabad, by email.

The following is the ‘juice’ of the message:
“…. The greatest thing that the Beloved has given (and which He continues to give), is the blessing of His Divine Presence in our hearts. It makes us realize that, “God alone exists and nothing exists besides Him. Whatever appears as existing, it exists in non-existence…..

“…There is no beginning and end to God. He is the Eternal One who comes down on Earth in order to awaken us. We are not drops, but the Ocean. Therefore, how fortunate you are, how blessed, that you have recognized Him and are following Him. In order to wake up from this dream you come here….”

“…Please know well that we are all His slaves. To become His proper slave, we have to work under the motto “Mastery in Servitude.” Therefore, be here as long as you can. Forget the world during this period. Just follow Him and please Him. We all are One in His Love. We should know how to please Him and how to grow closer and closer to Him and away and away from our own false selves.”

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!In His Love and Service,Bhau

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