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Hoder link deleted from my blogs

Jay Baba…….. in a symbolic move to show Hossein Derakhshan(hoder) that his approach to politics is ‘insane’ and VERY CUNNING (asking Iranian women to support the nuclear ambitions of the regime to gain access to sports complexes!) i deleted his link (as a news source) in all my blogs and replace Google News for the time being. Hope this can be a ‘wake up’ call for him to repent and stop his ‘sickening suggesions’!

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A Wife is A Wife, no matter WHO you are!

Jay Baba…. yesterday i had to go before posting what i satrted to write! today have come here, with my home-made lunch, to write/type more for all of us! But before starting, like to share this picture i have got this morning! Those who are/were married will appreciate this!

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Enough proof of my ‘madness’!

  1. ignore these numbers please!………this morning i got a message from an internet friend and since found it amusing, composed a letter to four of my ‘false family’ members
  2. (the one we come into WITHOUT our conscious will/wish)
  3. (my sister, cousin and two sons!) since it might be of some interest to my REAL FAMILY members (one i was blessed to choose to live/die with), i publish it here…

1. …._….(4/3/2006 6:13:00 PM): Salaam Mohsen aziz, gaahi be blog News of Loving sar mizanam va haalesho mibaram … droood bar to ey zaa’er e rah’e eshgh. .. raasti mikhaastam bedaanam dar english طي الارض chist? …. ayaa kalame ee daarad? baraaye hame chiz sepaas. with love, Nima

2……: khastam be khatere in ke neveshte haye osho ro tarjome mikonid va dar ekhtiyar digaran gharar midi tashakor konam
……: man ke vaghean estefade mibaram
…….: dar vaghe ashnayi man az osho kheyli kame va avalin neveshtei ke baes shod ke nazaram jalb beshe
elahe kalashloo: ke farmodan hich vaght daghdagheye in ro nadashte bash ke che etefaghi gharare biyofte in mohem nist ke barande shavi ya bazande mohem ine ke chetor bazi koni

i played ‘fair’ and LOVELY, so, despite of all the ‘hardship’ (Doesn’t Hafiz says that this PATH is easy at the beginning but……. Ofdad Moshkel ha ….????) i survived so far, Thanks to Meher Baba and the rest of the Existence….. (including you too!)
(who would like to ‘encode’ the finglish part?

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A loving response from a Baba-lover=واکنشی عاشقانه از یکی از عاشقان بابا

Peace, the following i received just now with email…. it shows that still people can SEE what is happening here, WITHOUT their ‘coloured lenses’! He is a Baba-lover, YET NOT a ‘normal one’! Such a ‘thing’ DOES NOT EXISTS! He may even not be ‘recognized’ by the majority, as a ‘sincere devotee’ of Babaji, but I KNOW, and Baba KNOWS that is MUCH MUCH more loving and kind (in action, not in lip-service!) than MANY of the people i have met here, in His Magic Hill. Jay Babab :

Hi Mo………..Your ‘battles’ make me laugh. Your love-Joy-Playfulness makes you are target for people who have none or little, but it also makes you invulnerable. Just thinking of you brings a smile to my face……

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wall of the stageدیوار پشت صحنه ی اجرای برنامه ها

عکس ها توسط برادرعزیزم جیک Photo By dear brother Jake Lawton

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Happy trails……

Happy trails for some beloveds leaving the Hill, last month. Our brother ‘Jadoo-walla’, Mr. McDonald is the right with white beard. Posted by Picasa

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New Pilgrim Center Completion Celebration

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New PC Completion Celebration

Wow, what a wonderful place is this Hill, and the people who love Baba. Today I really felt it, because we were all inside the NEW dining Hall, which is a concrete manifestation of Baba’s devotion in action, done by many who love Him and follow His wish. Was invited last night to attend the inauguration of the new PC or MPR = Meher Pilgrim Retreat. It REALLY is a ‘retreat’ for those who love nature and silence and compassion. The music group from Ahmednagar center came, along by many Indian Babalovers, and few non-Indian residents and pilgrims. After some bhajans, one special memorial gift (Baba’s Samadhi picture + note of appreciation from the contractor, brother Vaibhav Joshi) was distributed to those who had actually contributed in the work, i.e. From master carpenter and mason to our dear master architect, brother Ted. He spoke briefly and mentioned the fact that there has NOT been any ‘fight’ or ‘dispute’ between the two sides (A REAL MIRACLE in human-relationship!) and his own ‘role’, comparing to those who secured the funds and those who actually built the place, is a ‘minor’ one! We all see Ted, as ‘the man who made the new PC!’ The music was fine and Ted sang his famous ‘….Baba Tandiva??!’ and the rest was all Indian devotional songs for Baba, by devotees who HAVE ‘musical’ talents. We were lucky enough, not to hear something ‘out of tune’! The lunch was excellent and for the Indian taste = HOT! Another ‘real’ miracle of Baba = ENOUGH good food (for THE SOUL AND for the body) + happiness for those who love Him. That HUGE hall was full ___at least 500 people of God were there __ yet the food was more than it could be eaten! No one had heard EVER that food has been ‘run out’ in Baba’s meetings/darshans, no matter how crowded the place was/is! Came back home with the School Bus and found a wonderful reply to my request from Bhauji ….despite its ‘surface’, It actually encouraged me to write him more about what is happening here in some interpersonal communication affairs and the point about the slow erosion of the silence at the Hill. SOME people, FEW, break it for UNREAL things = daily ‘chit-chat’ and ‘gossip’, while others are there to receive ‘the REAL thing’ from Baba, IN SILENCE! I wish someone may conduct a simple “SIGN language workshop,” for ‘emergency talks’ INSIDE the shed and around it. The problem is that some ears are ‘heavy’, as we say = low-hearing ability with increased age, and simple things must be SHOUTED to them, when the silence must prevail! What will happen to the silence in Amarthiti is obvious! No-silence is expected, because those who must maintain it, break it with everyday ‘greetings and chatting’, in a LOUD VOICE, near the TOMB! So others follow and slowly, BUT SURELY, over the time, the silence erodes and chatting prevails! (if nothing is done about this natural tendency of the minds =chit-chat!)

Last night music session was great. It was dedicated to practicing some new song, so Bhauji did not come for his talk. The music is written by our master-musician, who plays many instruments and his latest work is so rich and melodious. Played a short solo-daff upon request …. we practiced about 3 hours. Brother Madhuka dropped me home with his car. His wife sings in the women choir and their twin sons are both VERY skilful with drums and bells…..

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USA vs. Freedom

No More, Get Lost

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Drunk Babies!

BabiesAnd Beers

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Warbloging vs. Lovebloging

A better definition maybe?

“Warblogger Veteran weblogger Dave Winer defines a warblogger thus:
“A warblogger is a person who runs a weblog that started around, or was significantly influenced by the events of September 11 2001,
” which is as good a definition as we’ve found.
The best known warbloggers are Glenn Reynolds
of Instapundit.com and Andrew Sullivan. “

…..from weblog glossary

So in this context, my NewVision4NewMan IS a ‘warblog’, YET,
why not call them loveblogs,

only by love we can come out of this …..
…. a NEW category for the timeless lovers of truth and justice,
journalists are MANY in this category:
they even give their lives for their profession,

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