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The quality animals are deprived from…and the serious sick people, too!

in every bedroom there should be two Gautam Buddhas

” Mahavira and Buddha stayed once in one caravanserai, but not in the same room. but this is my deepest dream: that in every bedroom there should be two Gautam Buddhas. Only then we can have a sane world.”

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به حسین درخشان به بهانه ی تولد حافظ

این نامه را سال های پیش = قبل از شناختن این موجود پلید الذهن برایش نوشتم
قبل از اینکه در عمل بدانم که چه شخصیت سست و هرجایی ای دارد…
برای خنده خوب است!
سلام بر همگي: تولد پير فرزانه، حافظ عزيز بر همگان مبارك
. جشن نور Diwaliم . “شعر حافظ همه بيت الغزل معرفت است
.” امروز در يك جمعيت، با حافظ فالي رفتم براي همين جمع، و چنين آم==== شاهد قبلي: ديشب به سيل اشك ره خواب مي زدم نفشي به ياد خط تو بر آب مي زدم ……..تا……… خوش بود وقت حافظ و فال مراد و كام بر نام عمر و دولت احباب مي زدم … اولش خواندم “…مرا 2 كام!” قابل توجه ما دوتا دات كام!! ( كه هنوز نمي دونم چيه!)
هر چند پير و خسته دل و ناتوان شدم هر گه كه ياد روي تو كردم، جوان شدم – شكر خدا ….
. جناب آقاي درخشان عزيز: چون حتماً اين ص را بيشتر مي خوانيد، خواهشمندم پاسخي به ما بدهيد كه آيا پيوست هاي مرا تاكنون دريافت كرده ايد و يا خير . به جان همگي كار “شخصي” نيست و به خودتان ( كارتان ) و بقيه فارسي زبان ها مربوط است!!
باز هم صبر مي كنم براي دريافت يك “آري” يا “نه” – فعلاً همين را بيشتر نمي خواهم!!
شاد و شاد و شاد………… صفاي شما وبلاگيون را عشق است.{
محسن خاتمي:: حسين عزيز و درخشان: در تمام اين سايت ها “مث يه تيكه جواهر” مي درخشي.
آفتابت هميشه پرفروز باشد. از مقالات “حيات نو” تا اينجا دوست داشتم نوشته هايت را بخوانم و لذت ببرم.
دوست دارم به جمع وبلاگيون بپيوندم ولي فعلاً ممكن نيست.
راهنمايت را ذخيره كرده ام براي آن روز. ….
از اينكه جشن مهرگان عزيز را زنده نگه داشته اي از طرف خودم و تمام ايرانيان اصيل از تو وجود نازنين ممنونم. دوستدارت

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“… the friends forgot love”!

12:07 pm, Saturday, Nov.02.2002, Pune’
Perhaps the whole story now & here is to say some facts about this
“DAMESHGH=Damascus” __as Saadi says:
“…Chonan ghaht-Sali shod andar Damesh,
ke yaran faramush kardand ESHGH!”
When people forget love,
hatred & violence are only the consequence,
NOT the cause!!
The cause is No-Love = hatred
and preached by many & they bring it on the air….

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Lao Tzu is innocent, Buddha is innocent, Krishna is innocent, Jesus is innocent. These are not knowledgeable people. Of course what they have said out of their knowing we have changed it into knowledge; what they have said out of their wonder, we have reduced it into philosophy, theology. That is our work; we have destroyed all that was beautiful in it. We have given it a certain shape, a certain pattern and structure. We have interpreted it, commented upon it, dropped many things out of it. And this happens always. Just the other day I received a note from Arup, that Sarjano is translating your book into Italian; but he changes many things. He drops few things, he adds few things from his own knowledge.” Of course he is trying to do some good work, his intention is good! He wants to make it more logical, more intellectual, more sophisticated. And I am a little wild type of man! He wants to trim me here and there. You look at my beard! If Sarjano is allowed he will trim it like Nikolai Lenin, but then it will not be MY beard. He is trying to make it more appealing. There is no doubt about his intentions, but these are the intentions which have always destroyed. When he was told my message that he has to do exactly as it is: “Don’t try to improve upon it. Leave it as it is. Raw, wild, illogical, paradoxical, contradictory, repetitive, whatsoever it is, leave it as it is!” It is so difficult for him. He said, “Then I will not translate. I would rather like cleaning work.” You see how the mind works? He is not ready to listen to me, he would rather like to do cleaning work. Otherwise he has to be allowed to interpolate, to change, to color things according to HIS idea. Now, whatsoever you will do you will do wrong, because what I am saying is from a totally different plane and what you will be doing will be a totally different effort — it won’t belong to MY plane, it won’t belong to MY dimension. It may be scholarly, but I am not a scholar. It may be knowledgeable, but I am not a knowledgeable person.
Knowledgeable people have their own ways. Just small things they will do…
For example, I had said that Saraha is the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Now, no scholar will say so decisively. Only a madman can say so decisively because you have to give proofs, you have to give footnotes and you have to make a big appendix in which you have to give proofs. I never give any proofs, I never give any footnotes, I never give you any sources from where… I know only one source — the Akashic records!
So just to make it more appealing, more digestible, he had changed it just a little, not much: that “Saraha can be said to be the founder of Tibetan Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, CAN BE SAID. Now this is a scholarly way, a legal way, but it destroys the whole beauty of it. It destroys its whole certainty, its decisiveness, its hammer-like quality. And hammers are not supposed to be digestible! Sarjano, it is not a spaghetti! He is a good cook and makes beautiful spaghetti. I don’t know anything about spaghetti, but I know Saraha is the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. And I will not give any proof about it — I don’t believe in proofs, I simply KNOW. I know Saraha; it is a personal friendship with Saraha. Even if the historians prove something else, I won’t listen. I won’t pay any attention to them, because I know Saraha.

Osho Tao: The Golden Gate Vol. 2 Chapter Title: Just Joking Around

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with the goat on MG road

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Aَnimals are more loving and innocent than some ‘men’!

عشق حيواني به ازین خشونت انسانی

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