a letter to a friend…osho

AUM Monday Oct.01.01, 10:55 pm

Dear ….
Wish you all the best.
This past few weeks were so wonderful.
Learning many things & meeting new people!
See the Blessing of Osho?
This brother from …., wrote an email for me 3 months ago.
And he sent me 300$ as a loan!
Last night I cashed it into 14157 Rs & paid the 2 loans I had for 2 months rent.
At least that much we are ahead!

He wants to come over & stay for a while ….
I meet new faces almost everyday. Young Iranis ..
I even met a beautiful blond 6 months old baby boy ( ASHAM) 2 nights ago along with the parents & friends, all Iranians!

Working on the 4 Magazine now & I dedicate the translation to the “Iranians in Pune” .
It is on “BREAKING FREE FROM THE PAST” ( the first step to sannyas , as Osho says.)
I am so grateful to Him & to You & to the whole Existence.

Tonight at German Bakery, one Irani Student told me something about the book RAAZ & its introduction, which made me very happy. It seems that all these hardships are worth it.
It is about Osho & His vision. So please pray for all of us.

Yes Rani is lovely & you can get to know her better on
e-mail : rani@ranimu.com
Thank you & all the best..

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