The nature of consciousness is to be just a mirror

“The nature of consciousness is to be just a mirror. The mirror has no choice of its own. Whatsoever comes in front of it is reflected, good or bad, beautiful or ugly __ whatsoever. The mirror does not prefer, it does not judge, it has no condemnation. The nature of consciousness, at the source, is just mirror-like.

A child is born; he reflects whatsoever comes before him. He does not say anything, he does not interpret, the moment interpretation enters, the mirror has lost its mirror-likeness. Now it is no more pure. Now it is filled with opinions, disturbed, many fragments, divided, split. It has become schizophrenic,

When the consciousness is divided, not mirror-like, it becomes the mind. Mind is a broken mirror.
In the root, mind is consciousness. If you stop making discrimination, if you stop making dual division __ choosing this against that, liking this, disliking that __ if you drop out of these divisions, the mind again becomes a mirror, a pure consciousness.

Osho, Hsin Hsin Ming, The Book of Nothing, pp. 75

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