Reality and dream…

“your whole world is in your mind.
Or rather, your whole world is your mind; nothing else exist.
Whatsoever you see is a projection.
Whatsoever you feel is also a projection, that’s why Hindus have always been saying that the world is illusory.
It is a mirage; it appears but it is not there. And how can this illusion be transcended?
If you can understand it as illusion you are already on the way to transcending it. If a dream is realized as a dream you are already moving away from it, you are awakening.
The world that you see is not the reality, because the reality can be seen only when there is no mind. With a mind in between, the reality cannot be seen, it is colored. You project your mind on it __ it becomes a screen.

You see a woman as very very beautiful; others don’t see that beauty at all. Does the beauty belong to the woman or to your mind? If it belongs to the woman, then everybody would see her as beautiful. But you can find people who will look at her and will be simply disgusted, you can find people who will not become in any way aware that she is beautiful. And you think that the woman is beautiful __ so where is the beauty? Is it in the woman or in your mind? Is it objective or just a subjective phenomenon?”

Osho, Returning To The Source, p. 203

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