Osho: trust in verbs…

My suggestion to all my sannyasins is don’t trust in nouns, trust in verbs.
Become a verb than becoming a noun. Rather than love, think of loving.
Rather than being, think of becoming. Rather than of a flower, think of flowering.
Always think in terms of verbs and you will never be frustrated.
Your life will become a constant growth from one peak to another peak,
and those peaks go on becoming higher and higher.
The Golden Wing


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2 responses to “Osho: trust in verbs…

  1. baawra

    Nice post and am delighted to know that Mohsen is from IRAN. Am sorry my perception of Iran was wrong, till date i had the picture of KHOMENI’s living in IRAN.
    Am happy that Iran is not the place for Khomenis’ but there
    is a place for Khatami as well. (though may be in minority).
    If u can, pl. tell me something about the Oshoitees in Iran in your nextblogs….
    Bye n take care ..n love…baawra…

    “I say unto you, there is no evil and there are no evil forces in the world. There are only people of awareness, and there are people who are fast asleep ? and sleep has no force. The whole energy is in the hands of the awakened people.
    And one awakened person can awaken the whole world. One lighted candle can make millions of candles lighted without losing its light.”—OSHO.

    • Dear Atma: Thanking you so much for the comment…. AND the words from Osho…. My pleasure to know you….wish i could someday write about Osho and Iran…. hope we stay in touch…. this blog is not built YET… am working on it these days and am glad that without any announcement, people are already reading it and leave comments….
      Yours on The Path: Mohsen

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