Osho on WORDS

“words are very troublesome because words carry the past;
they are made by the past, they are overburdened by the past.
Any word is dangerous, because its meaning comes from the past.
And for me the problem is: to use the words which come from the past __
because there are no other words __ but to give them such a twist and turn
that they can give you a little insight into a new meaning.
The words are old, the bottles are old, but the wine is new.
The Goose is Out
Osho on WORDS- 2:

“The really significant things is life can never be said through words; only silence is capable of communion. Words are utilitarian __ the belong to the marketplace __ hence when you really want to say something of the heart you will always find it unsayable. Love cannot be uttered, gratitude cannot be spoken of, prayer is bound to be a deep silence inside you.

And this is of fundamental importance to understand because we are brought up through words, with the idea that everything can be said: we try to say it, and by saying those things which are not sayable we falsify them.
Lao Tzu says, :Tao cannot be said, the moment you say it you have already falsified it.”

Truth cannot be communicated __ no word is adequate enough, big enough to contain it. It is so vast, vaster than the sky, and words are so tiny.
They are good for day-to-day things, utilitarian ends, but as you start moving towards the non-utilitarian, you start moving beyond words.

That’s exactly what religion is: transcendence of words

and transcendence of the world that belong to words.
The mind consists of words, the heart consists only of silence,
profound silence, virgin silence, unbroken silence.
Tao: The Golden Gate, Vol. II

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