Acceptance is transcendence

“Something is wrong in the body: relax and accept it, and simply say inside __ not only in words but feel it deeply __ that such is the nature of things. A body is a compound, so many things combined in it. The body is born, it is prone to death. And it is a mechanism, and complex, there is every possibility of something or other going wrong.
Accept it, and don’t be identified. When you accept you remain above, you remain beyond.

When you fight you come to the same level. Acceptance is transcendence. When you accept, you are on a hill, the body is left behind. You say, “Yes, such is the nature, things born will have to die, and if things born have to die they will be ill sometimes. Nothing to be worried about too much” __ as if nothing happening to you, just happening in the world of things.

This is the beauty: that when you are not fighting…

Osho, Hsin Hsin Ming, The Book of Nothing, pp. 214-215

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