The moment you die, God is born…

Osho on His flame:

“Premda, you are asking that I should continue to burn you to the point where the implosion happens. As far as I am concerned, I promise you. As far as you are concerned, you have to remember not to escape __ because it is question of fire, and you are entering into the fire.
For the fire, there is no problem in promising you, any flame can promise the moth; “darling, come on!” The problem is with the moth __ that as it comes closer to the flame, it becomes hotter and hotter and hotter… and there is every desire to escape, not to go nearer __ because it seems it is going to consume you.

Remember my promise __ and you also promised to yourself that you will not escape” even if death happens, you will still go on. Death is going to happen __ because your whole personality has to die; but the innermost being is not part of your personality. Your ego has to die. In the death of your ego is the resurrection of your soul. The moment you die, God is born, death is the price to be paid.

So I will keep my promise. You have not to forget your promise __ given to yourself, not to me. It is totally your exploration; you are going inside yourself. I will keep on pushing you. I will keep on blocking all the ways by which you can escape. I will go on breaking all the bridges that you have crossed, so that you cannot return, but remember your promise: that whatsoever happens, unless you have reached your innermost being, you will not stop.”

Osho: The rebellious Spirit, page 69


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