Religious consciousness …

“…But all religions are fictitious.

Just as there are science fictions, there are religious fictions.

All holy scriptures are religious fictions, and not of first-rate quality. In fact, they cannot be counted as great literature – only fragments are great.

For example, in the whole of the Old Testament, just one small piece can be counted as literature, all else is rubbish. That small piece is “The Song of Solomon”, which Jews don’t even want to talk about – and that is the only important thing in their whole scripture! But they want to ignore it for the simple reason that Solomon certainly seems to be a wise man, certainly a religious man; a man of tremendous sensibility, aesthetic, moral; a man who knows what beauty is, what poetry is.

Except for that small piece, everything else is only worth burning. In the New Testament, just a small piece, “The Sermon on the Mount”, is enough for Jesus to be counted as a man of some worth. All else is just written for the mob. The same is true about other religions.

So when I say religion, I simply mean the religious consciousness: a certain quality – not a certain dogma, not a creed, not a cult, not something organized but something felt deep in the heart, something closer to when you see in the morning a beautiful sunrise… You feel something, something is stirred in you. You cannot express it, you cannot tell anybody what you are feeling. All you can do is, you can hold the other person, and with your finger you can show the sunrise without saying a single word.

If the man has any aesthetic sense, any sensibility, he may be able to feel it; otherwise there is no way. You cannot argue, you cannot make a statement, you cannot do a commentary. You can only point it out … fingers pointing to the moon.

All religious sages have only pointed to the moon. And all organized religions have caught hold of the fingers, forgotten all about the moon, and are worshipping the fingers. Now, the fingers are not the moon – they never were.

In Kashmir there is one hair of Hazrat Mohammed, which is worshipped. A few years ago the hair was stolen. Now there was great turmoil; riots happened, because certainly some Hindu must have stolen it. Many people were killed, many houses were burned, many temples destroyed, many mosques were burned. And after three days the hair was found back in its place. I know for certain it was not the same hair.

But what difference does it make to the idiots…who knows whether the first hair was of Hazrat Mohammed or not, and even if it was of Hazrat Mohammed, what does it matter?

In Kandi, in Ceylon, there is a huge temple, one of the most important in Ceylon – important because it has one tooth of Gautam Buddha. I have been to Kandi. The tooth is not of Gautam Buddha, for the simple reason that it is not a human tooth at all! It is so big – and I got it confirmed from people who understand animals, man. I had taken a vet with me. He said, “It is certainly of some animal; it cannot be of a man in any way.”

And now it is confirmed by other sources also that it is from some animal. But it makes no difference; every year the festival continues, millions of Buddhists go on worshipping.

Organised religion clings to fingers.

Fingers are not the moon.

If you really want to see the moon, you will have to forget the fingers completely; otherwise fingers will come in between you and the moon. They have to be ignored. They have done their work, they have indicated; say goodbye to them.

Religious consciousness is a receptivity, a vulnerability to the existence that surrounds you, so alive that if you are open, its living vibes start moving within you, dancing within you. It is so full of joy – just you are closed. It is overflowing with bliss – just you are not there to receive it.

Religious consciousness means receptivity to the joy the universe is made of.

Yes, that is the stuff the universe is made of.

Any intelligent person is of necessity going to be religious.”

Osho, From Darkness to Light, discourse no 28

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