Osho on music…

“Let yourself be singing,
let each fiber of your being be a part of the universal dance.
To me, this is the only revolution, the only transformation,

which can bring this earth millions of joys………
We can enter into an absolutely new era, where everybody is joyful,
loving, laughing, and everybody carries his own guitar.
Nobody need to carry any cross.
I want to change every cross into a guitar.”
Om Mani Padma Hum

“ Music helps you from the outside to fall in tune with the inner.
Music is a device __ invented by the buddhas…..”

The Dhammapada, Vol.12 # 4

“….Music says nothing, it simply shows __ and that is the beauty of music.
You simply listen to it.
You become overwhelmed by it.
You are possessed by it.
You fall in tune with it.You are transported to some other realm,

to some other vision of reality.
Music takes you to the higher peaks of life & existence.
It simply takes your hand and leads you, very very politely,
very lovingly, into the mysterious..”
The secrets of secrets, Vol.2

“…..Music has to be in your heart, your very being has to be musical, it has to be a harmony.
A man can exist as a chaos, or as a cosmos.
A man can exist as a disorder, a discord, just a noise, a marketplace, or a man can exist as a temple, a sacred silence, where celestial music is heard on its own…..”
The Dhammapada, Vol.1 # 8

“Meditation makes you aware of great music __music without and music within.
It is there, but we are not alert, we are not awake.
Hence we go on missing it, otherwise the whole existence is nothing but music.
That music is called god, by the mystics.
God is not a person, but the ultimate harmony of existence, it is an orchestra.
Everything is in tune with everything else.
The trees are in tune with the earth, the earth is in tune with the wind, the wind is in tune with the sky, the sky is in tune with the stars, and so on and so forth.
There is no hierarchy. Even the smallest blade of grass is as significant as the biggest star.”
Satyam Shivam Sunderam

“…Music will make you silent, will make you disappear, will make you almost absent.
Only the music will be there, not the musician, because in meditation, the musician cannot exist.
And if you are listening, soon you will find yourself melting, disappearing.
It will create a new space within you.
It has to come out of meditation, and anyone who listens to it, will feel something of meditation…..”
Satyam Shivam Sunderam

“…Music is born out of deep experiences of meditation, it is a dimension of meditation.
By meditating, you may be able to be touched by music, but the reverse is also true: if you are totally absorbed in music, your heart will be touched not only by the music, but by meditation too.”

“ Music is sound. Meditation is soundlessness.
The highest music is where sound does not destroy the soundless moments in between.
As the musician becomes more & more refined, he can manage to create sound, and in between two sounds, he can give you an experience of soundlessness.
That soundlessness touches the heart….”
Sermons in Stones, # 16

“…….Silence is the answer. Silence is the ultimate truth.
In silence we meet with the existence __words, languages, all create barriers.
And to be silent means to be a hollow bamboo.
And the miracle is, the moment you are a hollow bamboo, a music descends through you which is not your own.
It comes through you, it belongs to the whole.
Its beauty is tremendous, its ecstasy immeasurable. And to me, that music is the ultimate experience, the last benediction, the highest flowering of your consciousness…”
The Transmission of the Lamp # 26

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