Osho on His Work and His Dream

“……I conceive of a world without poverty, without classes, without nations, without religions, without any kind of discrimination.
I conceive of a world, which is one, a humanity which is one, a humanity which shares everything __ outer and inner __ a deep spiritual brotherhood……….
So my function is not simply finished with my own enlightenment, In fact, my work began after my enlightenment……..
I started my work after my enlightenment.
As far as I am concerned, I don’t need to live a single moment more, because life __ either outer or inner __cannot give me anything more than I have already achieved………
I would like millions of people to be aflame with the same light, with the same vision, with the same dream.
I would like a new man to be born, a new humanity: where ugly discriminations disappear, where there are no wars, no atomic or nuclear weapons, no nations, no races, where man can share all the bounties of existence and all the experiences of his inner being.
I want this whole humanity to be one ocean of consciousness.
Whatever the buddhas in the past did was good, but not enough. They created for themselves the highest peak of consciousness.
I would like to create that highest peak for everyone __ at least for those who are in search of it…….
Naturally these people are going to be against me.
I accept their irritations, their annoyance, because I know the future belongs to me. They are fighting a losing battle…….”

Feb.11.1987, The Rebellious Spirit, pp 26-27


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