Osho: ‘…mind is never clever…’

“So whenever two persons fall in love there are not two persons, there are four: one the lover, another the beloved, and between these two, the beloved that is a creation of the mind of the lover, and the lover that is the creation of the mind of the beloved, these two are dreams, and these two go on moving in you.

Sooner or later, when the dream is broken, you are two, not four. Whenever you are two there will be difficulty. Then you would like to throw the responsibility on the other: “It is because of the other.” You have missed the point again. That means that you will create the same dream around another woman because you will think, “This woman is not going to deceive me, and now I am more clever also.”

But mind is never clever. The essence of mind is foolishness, so mind can never be clever. It can be cunning, cunning in its foolishness, but it can never be wise, that is not its nature, because wisdom happens only when the dreaming leaves. So if dreaming is the basic reality of the mind, then it can never be wise.

A Buddha is wise because now there is no mind. A Sosan is wise because now he lives in no-mind, now all dreams have stopped. He looks at things as they are. You never look at things as they are; you mix with your illusions, and you are so afraid to look straight because you know, unconsciously, deep down somewhere you know, that things are not as you look at them.
But you think if you look at the reality of things it will be too much, too heavy __ you may not be able to stand it. You mix it with dreams just to make it a little sweeter. You think it is bitter so you coat it with sugar. You coat a person in dreams and you feel the person has become sweeter? No, you are simply deceiving yourself, nobody else. Hence, so much misery.

It is out of your dreams that the misery has happened, and one has to be aware of this phenomenon, don’t throw responsibility on the other, otherwise you will create other dreams: look that it is you who are projecting, but it is difficult to look.
In a theater, in a cinema hall, you look at the screen, you never look at the back __ the projector is at the back. The film is not really there on the screen; on the screen it is just a projection of shadows and light. The film exists just at the back, but you never look at that. And the projector is there.

Your mind is at the back of the whole thing, and the mind is the projector. But you always look at the other because the other is the screen.”

Osho, Hsin Hsin Ming, The Book of Nothing, pp. 8-9


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