experience/ borrowed knowledge…

“it is of no use how much you remember.
What is significant is how much you have experienced yourself.
And for experiencing the inner world, you need great intelligence __memory is of no help.
Yes, if you want to be a scholar, a professor, a pundit, you can memorize scriptures and you can have a great pride that you know so much. And other people will also think that you know so much, and deep down your memory is nothing but ignorance.
In front of me, you cannot hide your ignorance.
In every possible way, I try to bring your ignorance in front of you because the sooner
you get hold of your ignorance, the sooner you can get rid of it.
And to know is such a beautiful experience that the borrowed knowledge,
in comparison, is just idiotic.”
Osho: The Master is a MirrorPage 64

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