Death cannot exist without the I…

When I say “I”, I am simply using a word to indicate towards me, but if you look into me, you will not find any “I” there. I have not found. I have been looking and looking and looking. The more I have looked in, the more “I” have evaporated. The “I” exists only when you do not look inwards. It can exists only when you don’t look. The moment you look, the “I” disappears.
It is just like when you bring light in a dark room, darkness disappears. Your look inwards is a light, a flame. You cannot find any darkness there __ and your “I” is nothing but condensed darkness.
The basic characteristic of a Buddha, the Buddha Dharma, his unique quality, is that he is not, that he has no attributes, that he is indefinable, that whatsoever definition you put upon him, will be unjust, because it will demark him, it will limit him, and he is not limited. He is pure void. He is a nobody.”
Osho: The Diamond Sutra

“You cannot assert the word “I”. At the most you can say “am”. These two words” I am” are very significant. Am is your reality, “I” is your invention. Am-ness simply means is-ness. I is a superimposition on it. I is pseudo, and if we look through the I, then everything becomes false, because your vision is distorted.
There are two great lies in life: one is I and another is death. And if one searches deep and far enough, then there is only one great lie in life and that is “i”, because death is only a byproduct of I.
Death cannot exist without the I. It is the false that dies. In fact, it never lives in the first place. It was always dead but you were carrying the corpse, imagining that it was real. But sooner or later reality asserts itself and you have to recognize it. You cannot go on postponing it for ever.
The I brings death in existence; hence the real untruth, the only untruth, the only lie, is I. Surrendering it, dropping it, withdrawing your energies from it, not cooperating, without cooperation, it dies of its own accord, out of sheer starvation, and then,what is left is simply a pure am-ness. One is, but is not separate from it.”

a Book, an Introduction to the Teachings of Bhagwan shri Rajneesh, series II, from I to Q: Page 1

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