“Mind is the disease…

“Mind is the disease. And what is the name of that disease? Aristotle is the name, or if you want to make it look like a disease then you can coin a word: aristotilitis. Then it looks exactly like a disease. Why is Aristotle the disease? Because Aristotle says, “either this or that. Choose!” and choice is the function of the mind; mind cannot be choiceless.

Choose and you are in the trap, because whenever you choose you have chosen something against something else. If you are for something, you must be against something; you cannot be only for, you cannot be only against. When the ‘for’ enters, the ‘against’ follows as a shadow. When the ‘against’ is there, the ‘for’ must be there __ hidden or not hidden.
When you choose, you divide. Then you say, “This is good, that is wrong.” And life is a unity.

Existence remains undivided, existence remains in a deep unison. It is oneness, if you say, “This is beautiful and that is ugly, “ mind has entered, because life is both together, and the beautiful becomes ugly and the ugly goes on becoming beautiful, there is no boundary, no watertight compartments are there. Life goes on flowing from this to that.

Mind has fixed compartments. Fixedness is the nature of the mind and fluidity is the nature of life. That’s why mind is obsession; it is always fixed, it has solidness about it. And life is not solid; it is fluid, flexible, goes on moving to the opposite.”

Osho, Hsin Hsin Ming, The Book of Nothing, pp. 8-9


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