“I see people not growing at all…

“I see people not growing at all. They reach their graves, but in fact they have remained in their cradles, still playing with toys, still dreaming. Then they weep and cry because the reality doesn’t bother about them; then they feel frustrated, they feel aggressive, they feel that everywhere something is going wrong and against them __ as if the reality is your enemy.
It is neither enemy nor friend __ it is neither. If you are aware, it becomes your friend; if you are unaware, it proves to be your enemy. In itself it is neither.

Reality has no prejudice about you, as a friend or as an enemy. Reality simply exist there in all its purity, it is up to you. If you start fighting with it, it becomes your enemy; if you start adjusting to it, if you start accepting it, if you starts flowing with it, not upstream but wherever it leads __ if you simply leave yourself to it,,,, this is trust, this is shraddha, faith.

Science is conflict, religion is trust. What in fact is science? It is an effort to make reality according to human dreams, it may seem in the beginning that you are succeeding, but sooner or later the success itself proves to be the greatest failure. Wherever science has succeeded it has come to failure __ wherever! It has changed the whole biosphere, and now ecological problems have come up. Whatsoever science has done will have to be undone sooner or later. Wherever it succeeds it proves to be a failure.

Man is not getting happier; this century is the most unhappy century in the whole history of man. Never before has man been so unhappy. And man has succeeded so much, but succeeded is something which is basically wrong.”

Osho, Returning To The Source, p.212


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