Good news + a ‘expressive’ gift for me and all

Jay Baba ALL…. i have stopped ‘criticising’ the people here….. did what i HAD TO….. NOW a new phase started in my life and i need to make my internal link with Babaji MORE and MORE strong…… busy with the renovation work at new home….. will write more later…… please write me by email if there is any questions……
Following is a piece of wisdom i just received from a dear Irani sister from USA. Enjoy it
I feared being alone until I learned to like myself.
I feared failure until I realized that I only fail when I don’t try.
I feared success until I realizedthat I had to tryin order to be happy with myself.
I feared people’s opinions until I learned thatpeople would have opinions about me anyway.
I feared rejection until I learned to have faith in myself.
I feared pain until I learned thatit’s necessary for growth.
I feared the truthuntil I saw the ugliness in lies.
I feared life until I experiencedits beauty.
I feared death until I realized that it’snot an end, but a beginning.
I feared my destiny, until I realized thatI had the power to changemy life.
I feared hate until I saw that itwas nothing more than ignorance.
I feared love until it touched my heart, making the darkness fadeinto endless sunny days.
I feared ridicule until I learned how to laugh at myself.
I feared growing old until I realized thatI gained wisdom every day.
I feared the future until I realized thatlife just kept getting better.
I feared the past until I realized thatit could no longer hurt me.
I feared the dark until I saw the beautyof the star light.
I feared the light until I learned that the truth would give me strength.
I feared change, until I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly had to undergo a metamorphosis before it could fly .Jamila

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