Love vs intellect, By Babaji

Jay Baba…. My last week in Delhi is going fine and soon will go back ‘home’ at Meherabad, looking for a new place to live! Was reminded that the rent contract is over by the end of THIS month ( i thought it was next month!)…. so another ‘challenge’ to meet! it is a VERY difficult job to find a suitable place to live/work there, but i just wish Babaji has something ‘suitable’ for me in His divine ‘store’! Ameen……
Mailed the following for many and got positive responses from the readers, so i post it here as well. The Source is one the old magazines called THE AVATAR (will find the date soon)…. enjoy Baba’s words:
“One can find volumes and volumesof prose and poetry about love,
but there are very, very few persons who have found love and experienced it.

No amount of reading, listening and learning can ever tell you what love is.

Regardless of how much I explain love to you, you will understand it less and less,
if you think you can grasp it through intellect or imagination…..

The difference between love and intellectis something like that between night and day :

they exist in relation to one another and yet
as two different things,
love is real intelligence capable of realizing truth;
intellect is best suited to know all about duality,
which is born of ignorance and is entirely ignorance.

When the sun rises, night is transformed into day.
Just so, when love manifests,
not-knowing (ignorance)
is turned into conscious-knowing (knowledge).”

Meher Baba

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