Essence of Spirituality

Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuu……. see what i got today!

“….People use a lot of fancy words and expressions to describe God or God-consciousness.
Avatar. Paramatman. The Beyond Beyond. The Infinite Ocean of Divine Bliss. Samadhi. etc. etc.

The Buddha never used the word God, and many people consider Buddhism to be a philosophy
rather than a Religion. Yet Baba calls Him one of the Avatars.
The Buddha refers to The Oneness or just Oneness, and this seems to me like the essence of
Spirituality……….finding / experiencing this Oneness. The fancy names just seem like an unnecessary complication and distraction. Truth is usually simple or elegant, and the more profound the truth, the more simple and elegant……….E = mC2.

The idea that only God is real is better expressed as only Oneness is real….and separateness is
just a delusion of the senses and rational mind. To me, and most people, the word God always
suggests some sort of Divine Being, and probably a very judgmental one, to be feared or adored.
How can you fear or adore Oneness ?

Truth is abstract, but most people cannot comprehend abstractions so we ‘personalize’ God.
If we accept that the purpose of life is to find / experience this Oneness (God), and thus free
ourselves from the manyness-separateness of Duality, then the obvious question is where do we find this Oneness ? And the very simple, non-mystical / spiritual / religious answer is……… in the heart. In fact, the heart is this Oneness, when you manage to remove all the crap that obscures the heart such as emotion………which has it’s origin as ego-mind thought.

The truth is not arcane or esoteric. It’s extremely simple………..or that’s what I firmly believe. In His Infinite Grace………may He awaken us from our dreaming / imagining !!!!!!!”

Ameen, ameen, ameen

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