The ‘juice’ of Bhau’s recent message!

Jay Baba to all…. just received Bhauji’s Message for the Opening of Meher Pilgrim Retreat at Meherabad, by email.

The following is the ‘juice’ of the message:
“…. The greatest thing that the Beloved has given (and which He continues to give), is the blessing of His Divine Presence in our hearts. It makes us realize that, “God alone exists and nothing exists besides Him. Whatever appears as existing, it exists in non-existence…..

“…There is no beginning and end to God. He is the Eternal One who comes down on Earth in order to awaken us. We are not drops, but the Ocean. Therefore, how fortunate you are, how blessed, that you have recognized Him and are following Him. In order to wake up from this dream you come here….”

“…Please know well that we are all His slaves. To become His proper slave, we have to work under the motto “Mastery in Servitude.” Therefore, be here as long as you can. Forget the world during this period. Just follow Him and please Him. We all are One in His Love. We should know how to please Him and how to grow closer and closer to Him and away and away from our own false selves.”

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!In His Love and Service,Bhau


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