On the illusion of separateness and its remedy

wow, see what i just got? Mercy………….it is just the thing we need to be reminded, learn and live. Here, is where ‘science’ can be of MUCH HELP, since it talks about the natural cycles and the behavior of sub-atomic particles, which can give a better picture of a GENERAL WORLD-VIEW to each person. No wonder the nations who are advanced in science are now more inclined toward love (The Essence of Spirituality), the real one, the non-fearing love….. Thanks to Baba
On 5/30/06, a beloved brother….. > wrote:

The senses and ego-mind cause us to see others and everything
outside our body, as separate and/or different to ourselves.
But love, simple love, pure love, perfect love, non-desiring love,
non-fearing love
, allows us to see/perceive others and everything
as yourself, as an intrinsic part of ourself.
It thus overcomes ‘the illusion of separateness’, caused by perceiving
others and everything via the senses and ego-mind,
and leads us to the state of ‘I alone Am’.
We realize, at a very fundamental level,
that everyone and everything is indeed ourself/oneself.
The tiny mortal drop-self realizes itself
to actually be The Infinite Immortal Ocean-Self,
via the very simple ‘mechanism’ of pure selfless love.

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