Mehera Meher / “Being Is Dying By Loving”

Jay Baba…. just wrote to a dear one, that i have a VERY relaxed and fine time here in Dehradun, at Baba’s Center = Meher Prasad. “Thanks to Baba Himself.” Yes, last night i was reading Mehera Meher…. what an amazing Baba….. what REAL stories….. if the AUthor/narrators were unfamiliar, you could doubt the reality of them! This is one of the advantages of living there: old magazines like The Avatar,Divya Vani, Beloved Baba, etc…. and rare books. This Mehera Meher is mostly about Meheraji Irani, who Baba says she is the ‘purest soul’ in the Universe. Reading about her and her devotion and love for Baba is truly a blessing for me….lots of very fine/old pictures of Baba and the mandalis __saw Mehernath Kalchuri’s picture last night with the family and Baba, when he was about 5-+!!
What a collection is this book…..Thanks to David Fenster who made it possible.
….just now found this in my inbox and thought of sharing =

Boroni is in Australia at Avatar’s Abode
at the Sahavas at Beloved Baba’s home there,
this 48th Anniversary Sahavas is held evry year and is commemorates
Meher Baba’s visit to His beautiful Avatar’s Abode there in JUNE 1958.
I will be staging “Being Is Dying By Loving” again in celebration,
and away until the 17th June, will e-mail after that time, In song, Raindrops “

And what a beautiful opera is this “Being Is Dying By Loving”…..just lovely music and wonderful movements….. Good for the Australian lovers and those who can afford to visit and participate in the Sahava (Gathering of devotees of Meher Baba)…………….Jay Baba

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