On labeling our ‘divine tendencies’ /content development

Jay Meher Baba

Just received this email from a dear brother in the family, who we have some ‘technical debates’ sometimes! He referred to a very important issue, and I just expressed myself! Hope you like the content!
Speaking of the ‘content’, while studying Google Adword/Adscene, I came across the category of ‘content developer’. Do I qualify to be in this category? Am I actually developing content material on the net, by these postings? If yes, then thanks to Meher Baba and His lovers who made this possible! Jay BabaHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

He wrote today: “….Now that I’ve realized / accepted that a lot of my ‘feeling’ was just sexual desire, and not love, it comes down to:
Can I control my desires ?
or do my desires control me ?

The same is obviously true for fear and anger etc.

Your ‘instinctive attraction’ is just a fancy expression for plain desire or lust.
Until we can gain full control of our physical desires, and emotions, we are going to stay trapped in a stupid dream / illusion lifetime after lifetime.”

And I replied….

“….Yes, you are right about the ‘fancy expression’! yet i like to use it, since it sounds ‘innocent’, or ‘divine’!! Please note that how we are looking/calling/labeling something can make a difference in DEALING with it…..if i call it ‘lust’, then it has a ‘negative’ connotation and it brings ‘guilt feeling’ = number one enemy of the divinity within. But if i call it ‘natural instinct’, then i have the privilege and power to rise ABOVE nature and instincts and do what i like with it…..that has been my experience of dealing with my ‘natural desires’ and thanks to the Existence, so far so good.
…. and a confession to you: i am NOT really REALLY, really so mad= eager=ambitious about NOT COMING BACK! Yes, i have suffered so much and do not want to suffer more and more, yet, i have also enjoyed and gave joy to others. This latter makes me ‘daring’ enough, not to be so fussy/anxious about ‘getting enlightenment in THIS life’… as long as i love and serve myself and others, i am NOT in a hurry! Baba knows the best for each us and i leave it to His wish…. MY work/duty/fun in THIS life is just to love Baba and GO FOR GOD and make others happy……you may say that i am ‘fooling myself’, but what can i do? Any suggession?!!

thank you for the sharing and the tips

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