Non-Violent Communication in Meherabad, India/Iran/….everywhere

Jay Baba ALL… what a happy news i just received from sister Raine = Boroni, the Empress of Songs for Babaji __ not to forget dear Cindy, who is also an Empress in this regard!

Dear Mohsen, Jai Meher,There was such a course at Meherabad
February 22nd 2006 hosted by Zeek Paterniti a facilitator in NVC.
This year Doctor Nina Schubert will again be asisting Gus and Radha
in the medical office and
she is an NVC counselor too and might be happy to do such a course,
In song raine.
and see how i replied…. i am really excited to learn this Giraffe Language, as Marshall Rosenberg calls it, enough of the Jackal language! i just pray to Babaji to let me learn it and use it and possibly spread the concept…. MEHRABAD, in Tehran (is a name of the international airport) is also in NEED of such a language!
Dearest Boroni
Wow, thanks for the good news….. will post it there….
let others know we are ‘advanced’!!!!
i was in Delhi for Baba’s BD and missed that one,
but hope to catch hold of Doctor Nina’s ‘skirt’!
because i really want to learn this language.
(i am very poor in learning other languages!)
Can i have her email ID, please? After her consent, of course!

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