the illusion of separateness

Jay Baba, it is around 6 pm and i better go to Meher Prasad, for the satsang and arti….. just see what i got from a brother on the subject! Very good example of HOW understanding our emotions can help dispel the darkness of Maya….. thanks /congratulations to my dear brother, enjoy, Jay Baba….. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

‘Instinctive attraction’ may be groovy,
but it’s NOT love, which is what I’ve realized. ….
but I’ve now realized I was following something located lower down.
She excites me sexually, just looking at her, and my brain gets flooded with a hormone called Oxytocin which makes me feel emotionally high,
(quite separate to my sexual arousal).
Simultaneously, the parts of the brain responsible for reasoning
and judgment are switched-off.

Quite a diabolical process which is in most mammals.
Profound abstract spiritual truths can be inspiring,
but understanding why we do what we do can sometimes be better understood thru science.
I am now free of the delusion that I was in love with her.
And becoming free of Maya’s spell
(the illusion of separateness) is what spirituality is basically all about.

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