ZOROASTRANISM / A genetical solution for an inevitable problem

Thus spake Zarathushtra

“Teach us, Ahura Mazda, to live as comrades all,
in willing fellowship and loving fraternity,
in brotherly helpfulness and cooperation.
Inspire us, O’ Ahura Mazda to live in mutual understanding and trust and peace.”

The Parsis came as refugees to India in the 8th century and sought from the King Sanjan permission to settle in his kingdom. The story of the king’s permission was made into songs and recited in the form of Gujarati Garbas (group songs and dances) which were performed on numerous happy occasions. An English translation is given below:

Jadhav Rana issued a proclamation inviting all citizens to assemble in an open Maidan (meadow). Once the throne covered with rich drapes, the Raja took his seat. He was dressed in royal robes, wore a magnificent turban and embroider velvet slippers.
Ranged round him were his mounted bodyguards, dressed in white, holding glittering spears.

At the signal from Jadhav Rana, the Persian refugees were brought into the center of the assembly. Their frail old priest, holding a small Afarghan, with the sacred fire, was the spokesman for the group, through an interpreter.

“What is it you want from us, O’ strangers from a far-off land?”
Freedom of worship, Sir.” Replied the old priest.
“Granted. What else do you wish?
Freedom to bring up our young, in our own traditions and customs.”
“Granted. What else do you wish?
A small piece of land we could cultivate, so we may not be a burden to the people among whom we live.”
“Granted. In return, what will you do for the country of your adoption?”

The old priest asked for a brass bowl to be filled with milk and brought to the assembly. This was done. He then stirred a spoonful of sugar in the bowl and holding it up his trembling hands, asked:
“Does any man see the sugar in this bowl of milk?” all shook their heads.
“Sir!” said the priest, “we shall try to be like this insignificant amount of sugar in the milk of your human kindness.”

There were murmurs of approval from the crowd. Then, at a signal from the priest, all the refugees __men, women and children __ prostrated themselves full length on the ground. Each picked up a handful of earth and with tears streaming down their faces, they passed it to their eyes and foreheads.

Contributes by: Lt General A. M. Sethna ,(Retired)
Parsi Anjuman Dharmasala

JayBaba, thanks to the Raja Rana, who enjoyed the act of granting freedom,
yfully accepted the prostrations and helped the refugees!
Too sad the Parsi community here in India is NOT GROWING
and on the way to decline (genetically speaking!)
The best solution is the frequent marriages with
‘as far as possible genes’!
But who is going to tie the bell?!
Any idea/comment?!

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