Summary of the teachings of the great religions of the world

New small project!
In this February, when I was in Meher Baba’s Delhi center (Founded at the presence of Ali Akbar, Alobaji) , I saw about 9 framed pictures (19*25 cm), at the enterance hall-wall, which actually contained the summary of the teachings of major religions of the world. Since some of the lines were already faded and not clear to read, I took all of them down and released them from the frame and made a promise to type them and send them to the center, a s a p. It seems that NOW it is possible.

Unfortunately, even with great care to preserve them, I see now that some of them have been totally ‘gone’ (no ink left to make them readable!)

They were cut and framed from a calendar which says, at the bottom line:

“This calendar is dedicated to all beings working toward the ideals of unity and peace.”

The first ‘frame’ also reads this at the top:

“The narrow-minded ask ‘Is this one of our tribe, or is he a stranger?’ But to those who are of a noble disposition, the whole world is but one family.” Hipopandessa

And in the center, is the following which seems VERY relevant to our new situation regarding Iran/Israel/USA :

As the dreaded nuclear ghost
Looms large to haunt and host
The terrifying possibility
Of its unnerving ability to destroy
And create another holocaust,

We share with you
Some special stories,
Prayers, parables and philosophies on
Unity, peace, tolerance and compassion

From the great religions of the world
In the hope they may serve
To dispel in some measure
Our ignorance of and intolerance towards
Each other’s faiths.


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