Learning this Giraffe language is NOT an easy job!

3:49 PM / 5/27/2006
Jay Baba, typing the first two ‘conflicting religions’ (in Maya, not in Reality) gave me more energy to absorb the vibes and also enough time to send some of my translations for friends in Iran (some will get them outside Iran too.) Now 3:49 PM we went on UPS to see …. Home-made lunch was done! So now, after about 5 hours in this coffee net, will take a short break, right here on this chair (do not want to lose the seat!) and will type the rest. Looking closer to them I find out that the pages for CHRISTIANITY and SIKHISM AND JUDAISM are so wiped out that no one can read them. Even CONFUCIANISM/TAOISM IS HALF-UNREADABLE!

So, sorry about the losing arts and if anyone by any chance has a copy of this calendar (word HARIG is typed on every page + a nice circular logo! (‘the typing machine’, my nickname given by myself, 2 years ago….  it is working again!) by the way, I got some wonderful feed-backs from my last email to Baba-lovers (in a Mail-Merge group): the most exciting and delightful of all was from dearest Boroni, who informed so:

“…, I am into my 3rd Compassionate Communication course so far this year and loving it, although it is as difficult as any new language
it slowly becomes the way of speaking and feeling and empathy
In Song, Boroni

This is just great! Yes, as she says, learning this Giraffe language is NOT an easy job! Good for the ‘tolerant seekers of the Truth’!, but it worth trying and the effort, in effortlessness! So now, we may extend this idea to the WHOLE HOLY HILL, and the vicinity, Arangaon, Pimplgaon, or even here in Dehradun, or even in Dilli (as they spell it there!)
Any way, I post this for now and go back to work….. Yesterday was only 9.5 hours!
Jay Babaji


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