“From the man’s mouth may come forth sharp arrows to wound,
and fiery brands to burn.
Take good heed, then , that neither issue from your mouth to the injury of others.” Confucius
“Do not rectify to neglect an evil because it may seem small.
Though small at first, it may continue to grow, until it overwhelms you.”

“By the accident of good fortune a man may rule the world for a time. But by virtue of love he may rule the world forever.” Lao Tzu

Seek to live in harmony with all your neighbors and at peace with thy brethren. Peace and love should reign throughout the world. The most High God seeks peace among his people.” ???

Friendship and brotherhood are the cardinal virtues. One should gather about many friends and should love them as brothers. The wise man will choose friends worthy of brotherly love.

The wise esteem peace and quiet above all else. The good ruler seeks peace and not war, and he rules by persuasion, rather than by force.

The spirit of brotherhood and kindness is necessary if one would win friends. The spirit of the market, where men sell goods, should not be the spirit of the good man.

From: Great Thoughts, compiled by G. F. Maine
From: Unity in Diversity, compiled by O. P. Ghat
From: An Introduction to Equality of Religions, compiled by Dr. N.L. Gupta


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