Jay Babaji……… life here is good, yet i am missing that small hut of Babaji in Meher Mafi, DehraDun! something is telling me to move and spend some quiet time there….. we will see! the following is a gift for those who may appreciate it………. Be happy………..


Meher Baba

The harnessing of occult forces is not to be regarded in any way as a substitute for the inner effort the aspirant must make to advance further. When occult experiences are gifts from a Perfect Master, they serve the purpose of unveiling much of the hitherto obscured intuition, removing some of the difficulties leading toward the spiritual path, and filling the aspirant with the great confidence and enthusiasm that are necessary to cope with the new requirements at each stage. But the aspirant makes real progress by putting into practice the best intuitions of the heart, not by being the merely passive recipient of occult experiences.

DISCOURSES, pp. 184-185
Copyright 1987 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust

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