what am i doing in McLeod Ganj?

Jay Baba……this morning Beloved Mahadeva, from Belgium, asked me what am i doing here?! so the following was the reply and may be an excuse to update this blog after sometime….. hope to appear more often, later…. In His Love …………… Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

“………. i am having a very lovely peaceful time here,
meeting new friends from ALL over the ‘village’, from Iran too
….. moved my room to a more remote area now and i play some drum sometimes and like to practice some voice,
playing with my Tanbura and Tabla digital toys!…..

Baba’s Grace it is like a dream life, no tension, no expectation,
….. i must have dome something to deserve it now
( have suffered enough for such kind of life!)

Here the atmosphere is more Tibetan than Indian and it is a great blessing…… sometimes i miss the Magic Hill, but Baba can be here, as MUSH as there…”

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